Subject: Re: NEW_BUFQ really cool!
To: None <>
From: Christian Biere <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/30/2003 21:56:11
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Wojciech Puchar <> wrote:
> my system works for 6 days, no crash, no errors in dmesg, loaded all
> the time quite heavy.
> shouldn't NEW_BUFQ be default?

Aren't wscons (for i386) and softdep used by default in 1.6? I can use
bugs in both to crash NetBSD instantly. IMHO, the filesystem is really
the most crucial part because corrupted executables or a corrupted
swap could cause total havoc to a system even if everything else is
virtually bug-free. Thus, I'd be very careful with turning on with
features by default - I highly assume the maintainers are. Especially,
if you're using i386, a stable system might prove little as it's the
most used architecture and bugs which affect only other architectures
often remain unnoticed for a long time.

I know that the NetBSD developers do a very great job and always focus
on portability by definition. Nevertheless, I wanted to post this and,
of course, I'm also looking forward to enable NEW_BUFQ.


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