Subject: Re: cardbus card not probing?
To: Peter Seebach <>
From: Rasputin <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/29/2003 19:34:02
* Peter Seebach <> [0348 04:48]:
> In message <>, R
> afal Boni writes:
> >Cardbus is basically PCI in a pcmcia form-factor, so real cardbus cards
> >probe like PCI devices and unlike 16-bit PCMCIA cards.  It looks like you
> >have some extra bits being set, so that's problem one, but the real issue
> >is that there isn't a cardbus driver that matches that card (and since 
> >IIRC that's done via manf./product id's, both of which are 0 here, it
> >is unlikely something will match that card).
> Except I have code in if_wi_pcmcia that *should* match it, just as an
> experiment; the problem is that even the basic pcmcia "what is this card"
> thing isn't happening.  (We do use the CIS strings too, btw.)

If it's a 16-bit card, check you've got a 
pcmcia* at cardslot*
in your kernel config - I 'optimised' mine out and made several head-shaped
dents in the wall before realising my mistake... I realise I'm probably teaching granny
to suck eggs here...

(I'm *still* trying to coax my chung fung cube into booting with a wavelan in a cardbus
slot, although I'm hoping my hard reboots have been down to cpuflags generating
broken kernels for via C3 chips - am rebuidling one in the other screen now...)
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