Subject: Cross Building, a couple of questions
To: NetBSD-current <>
From: Xavier HUMBERT <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/29/2003 10:03:01
I'm asking a couple of questions about cross-building, for which I
didn't find an answer in src/BUILDING or other docs like

In fact I'm fed up with waiting 24 hours to finally discover a
"checkflist inconsistency" on my old MacPPCs (604/120), while the same
build, on the next recent machine takes barely 20 minutes !

Well, from what I understand in the docs, I have in /etc/mk.conf


Then :

Create /usr/tools.macppc /usr/build.macppc, while object files are
automatically handled under /usr/obj adequate subdirectory

./ -a macppc -D /usr/build.macppc -T /usr/tools.macppc tools
./ -a macppc -D /usr/build.macppc -T /usr/tools.macppc \
./ -a macppc -D /usr/build.macppc -T /usr/tools.macppc \

Well two questions remain, now :

- how to call etcupdate on the target machine ?
- how to install the distribution on the target machine ?

My fear is that for both, the answer is : NFS-mount /usr from the build
machine, and proceed from the target machine.... Right ?

In which case, I have to adjust some make variables in the target to
have source and build dirs rooted on the mount point, rather on /usr.
Right too ?