Subject: Re: pci/pcmcia bridges?
To: None <>
From: Michael van Elst <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/27/2003 19:20:22 (Rasputin) writes:

>* Rasputin <> [0350 10:50]:

>Damn, my new via C3 board doesn't like this hack AT ALL.
>It causes a powercycle just after the three numbers appear
>when the kernel boots. Removing the hack locks the machine 
>as the wi(4) card is detected, just like on the old p3.

>Am I right in thinking this is down to WaveLANs on cardbus in general?

The problem is related to PCMCIA on CardBus in general, not
WaveLAN in particular. The kernel has to make guesses on what
address ranges are available for mapping PCMCIA cards.

>> >   options RBUS_IO_BASE=0x2000.

Your board probably needs a different RBUS_IO_BASE or even
different RBUS_IO_SIZE. You may also need to tweak RBUS_MIN_START
for memory space mapping.

The CARDBUS kernel config file suggests to try:

options        RBUS_MIN_START=0x20000000
options        RBUS_IO_BASE=0x600
options        RBUS_IO_SIZE=0x100

But it all depends on the particular board.