Subject: Re: 20030323 releng snapshot
To: Joseph Sarkes <>
From: Henry B. Hotz <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/26/2003 16:47:36
At 7:32 PM -0500 12/31/69, Joseph Sarkes wrote:
>Well... finally I have a sort of useable -current that is up to date.

Good.  I've been looking for one.

>The supplied ofwboot.xcf is dead when trying to use it on a dual 1GHz
>G4 system and a 500MHz powerbook

I think this problem is sort-of known.  Interesting that an *older* 
ofwboot works though.

>my root partition ends up as /dev/wd0e vice wd0a, and
>the kernel is finding some osx boot partitions and putting
>them up as wd0a and wd0b.  Some more smarts in decoding
>the apple partition stuff might help.
>I have a yellowdog linux install ext2fs and swap partition on the
>drive, but neither of these ended up in the lineup at all on my
>magic disklabel.

This is an issue with what the Apple partition map says.  I 
partitioned my TiBook drive more than a year ago with Drive Setup the 
way I always did it for mac68k and have had no problems.  (Well OSX 
won't repair the netbsd partition after a crash, except manually. 
Different set of issues though.)

Seems like we ought to recognize Linux partitions, but I hope whoever 
tries that is very careful to preserve the existing Apple and 
port-mac68k compatibility.
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