Subject: 20030323 releng snapshot
To: None <>
From: Joseph Sarkes <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/26/2003 16:19:51
Well... finally I have a sort of useable -current that is up to date.

I did note the following problems with the -current macppc snapshot

The supplied ofwboot.xcf is dead when trying to use it on a dual 1GHz
G4 system and a 500MHz powerbook

I had to fiddle around and find a copy of ofwboot.xcf from around
january to use that allowed me to boot the install kernel.

I had good results in installing netbsd onto an apple_ufs
partition and running it, but booting is a bit funny. I did
the install manually by untarring the tarballs and running
makedev. I'm not too sure what I was missing by not
running the sysinst program besides my /etc/fstab file.

my root partition ends up as /dev/wd0e vice wd0a, and
the kernel is finding some osx boot partitions and putting
them up as wd0a and wd0b.  Some more smarts in decoding
the apple partition stuff might help.

I have a yellowdog linux install ext2fs and swap partition on the
drive, but neither of these ended up in the lineup at all on my
magic disklabel.

One other thing I managed to do was press the wrong button on my
powerbook (screen brightness) and paniced the machine.  Not so

overall however, I managed to do a build of /usr/src to the point where
a file list problem killed release generation, but it DID work up to
that point.  Not too shabby :)   Thanks to those responsible.

Joseph Sarkes