Subject: Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in February 2003
To: None <,>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/26/2003 21:48:21
Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in February 2003

By my calculations, at the end of February 2003, there were 3525
packages in the NetBSD Packages Collection, up from 3461 the previous
month, a rise of 64.

On February 13th, the pkgsrc tree was branched with the "netbsd-1-6-1"
tag, and there have already been a number of pullups to the branch,
which is being managed by the NetBSD release engineering team (thanks,

Notable additions include:  ap-access-referer, ap-auth-script,
ap-bandwidth, ap-throttle, autogen, distcc, dvdbackup, dvipdfmx,
fbdesk, freeciv-sounds, fvwm2-themes, GConf2-ui, gnome-common, gpc,
gqview-devel, kochi-cidfonts, kssh, larswm, libgcrypt, libsieve,
matlab-mode, mergeant, mini_sendmail, newfile, oroborus,
p5-Device-Gsm, p5-Device-Modem, p5-Log-Agent, pciutils, php4-iconv,
proxycheck, pxtools, roundup, ruby-rdoc, scrot, spamprobe, spread,
streamtuner, streamtuner-live365, streamtuner-local, teTeX2,
teTeX2-bin, teTeX2-share, teTeX2-sharesrc, tileworld, tnftpd,
udptunnel, vim-motif, vmware, vmware-module, wap-utils, wtail, xchat2,
xmill, xmms-bezier, xmms-bump-scope, xmms-funtimedancer,
xmms-infinity, xmms-iris, xmms-jakdaw, xmms-jess, xmms-madspin,
xmms-nebulus, xmms-paranormal, xmms-synaesthesia, xmms-tv-scope, and

Notable updates include:  adobe-cmaps, aim, anjuta, ap-auth-cookie,
ap2-perl, apla, atk, atlc, autogen, automake, avifile-devel, blackbox,
blackdown-jdk13, bluefish, bochs, boehm-gc, boehm-gc, bsetroot,
bug-buddy, buildtool, cadaver, capc-calc, cdpack, cdrecord, centericq,
controlcenter, covered-current, crimson, curl, cyrus-imapd,
cyrus-sasl, doc2html, dvdbackup, easytag, eb, eel2, eog2, eog2,
etcupdate, evolution, expat, feh, fetchmail, file-roller, file-roller,
flac, flac-xmms, flow-tools, fluxbox, freeciv-client,
freeciv-client-gtk, freeciv-server, freeciv-share, fvwm2, g-wrap,
gabber, gail, galeon, galeon, galway, gcombust, GConf2, GConf2-ui,
gedit, gedit, ggv, ggv2, ggv2, giram, gkrellm, glade, glade, glade2,
glib2, gmp, gmplayer, gmplayer, gnome-applets, gnome-chess,
gnome-core, gnome-desktop, gnome-dirs, gnome-games, gnome-media,
gnome-panel, gnome-panel, gnome-panel, gnome-python, gnome-session,
gnome-session, gnome-utils, gnome-vfs2, gnome-vfs2, gnome1-dirs,
gnome2-control-center, gnome2-dirs, gnome2-pixmaps, gnome2-terminal,
gnome2-terminal, gnuboy, gnuboy, gnucash, gnumeric, gqmpeg, grep,
groff, gsl, gtexinfo, gtk2, gturing, guile, htmllint, ifile,
imapfilter, imlib2, intltool, intltool, ipv6calc, ircII, jdk, jdk,
jwhois, kaffe, latex-mk, leafnode, less, lftp, libast, libbonoboui,
libdvdcss, libdvdread, libgda, libgda, libgnome, libgnome,
libgnomecanvas, libgnomecanvas, libgnomedb, libgnomedb, libgnomeprint,
libgnomeprintui, libgnomeui, libiconv, librep, libwnck, libxml2,
libxslt, links, links-gui, links-gui, lsof, lua, mencoder, metacity,
mgetty, mgetty, micq, mozilla, mozilla, mp3check, mplayer, ms-ttf,
multi-gnome-terminal, musicbrainz, netatalk, netatalk, nullmailer,
ogle, ogle_gui, opencm, openmotif, openoffice-linux, openoffice-linux,
opensp, openssl, p0f, p5-CGI, p5-Device-SerialPort, p5-SSLeay,
p5-Time-HiRes, p5-TimeDate, pango, php4, php4, popa3d, postfix,
postfix, postgresql, postgresql-client, postgresql-docs,
postgresql-lib, postgresql-plperl, postgresql-pltcl,
postgresql-server, prboom, pysol, qt3, qt3-docs, qt3-libs, qt3-mysql,
qt3-psql, qt3-tools, rdesktop, rdesktop, rid, rrdtool, scilab,
scrollkeeper, seahorse, seahorse, sh-utils, source-highlight,
spamassassin, spamassassin, spim, sqlite, squid, squirrelmail, star,
suck, sun-jdk13, sun-jdk14, sun-jre13, swi-prolog, sylpheed, sylpheed,
tcpreplay, tightvncviewer, timidity, tspc, unproven-pthreads,
verilog-current, vice, ViPEC, vm, vmware-module, vmware-module, w3m,
w3m-img, wdm, wmbiff, xchat2, xemacs, xemacs, xemacs, xemacs-packages,
xfstt, Xft2, xhippo, xjdic, xmame, xmess, xml-i18n-tools,
xmms-madspin, xscreensaver, xscreensaver, xscreensaver,
xscreensaver-gnome, xscreensaver-gnome, xscreensaver-gnome, xv, and

The Package of the Month award goes to pkgdepgraph (yet again),
nominated by Andrew Brown (yet again). To quote Andrew:

	"i'd like to nominate pkgdepgraph for potm again.  i think
	it's gotten a whole lot more exciting of late."

An interesting definition of the word "exciting".

Alistair G. Crooks
Fri Mar 14 07:06:37 GMT 2003

Packages Added to the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Added ap-access-referer-1.0.2 [grant 2003-02-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Apache module for referer-based access control

	Added ap-auth-script-1.3 [grant 2003-02-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Apache module for script-based authentication

	Added ap-bandwidth-2.0.5 [grant 2003-02-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Apache module for bandwidth management

	Added ap-throttle-3.1.2 [grant 2003-02-16]
Package URL:
Comment: Apache module for limiting bandwidth usage

	Added autogen-5.4.7 [kristerw 2003-02-14]
Package URL:
Comment: The Automated Program Generator

	Added distcc-1.1 [martti 2003-02-15]
Package URL:
Comment: Tool for distributed C/C++ compiling

	Added dvdbackup-0.1.1 [wulf 2003-02-02]
Package URL:
Comment: DVD backup utility

	Added dvipdfmx- [kei 2003-02-24]
Package URL:
Comment: dvi to pdf converter with CID-keyed font support

	Added fbdesk-1.1.3 [jschauma 2003-02-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Application that creates and manage icons on your Fluxbox desktop

	Added freeciv-sounds-2.0 [salo 2003-02-23]
Package URL:
Comment: Freeciv sound sets

	Added fvwm2-themes-0.6.2 [salo 2003-02-16]
Package URL:
Comment: configuration framework for fvwm2 with samples

	Added GConf2-ui-1.2.1 [jmmv 2003-02-05]
Package URL:
Comment: configuration database system used by GNOME (v2)

	Added gnome-common-1.2.4 [jmmv 2003-02-21]
Package URL:
Comment: Generic M4 macros for GNOME development

	Added gpc-2.1 [jtb 2003-02-17]
Package URL:
Comment: GNU Pascal Compiler

	Added gqview-devel-1.3.0 [wiz 2003-02-14]
Package URL:
Comment: GTK2-based graphic file viewer (development version)

	Added kochi-cidfonts- [kei 2003-02-15]
Package URL:
Comment: Kochi-Mincho/Gothic scalable font in CID-Keyed format

	Added kssh-0.7 [markd 2003-02-16]
Package URL:
Comment: KDE Front-end to SSH

	Added larswm-7.2.8 [jschauma 2003-02-15]
Package URL:
Comment: 9wm-like window manager

	Added libgcrypt-1.1.11 [tron 2003-02-02]
Package URL:
Comment: GNU's cryptographic library

	Added libsieve-2.1.12 [rh 2003-02-22]
Package URL:
Comment: RFC3028 sieve library

	Added matlab-mode-2.3 [dmcmahill 2003-02-13]
Package URL:
Comment: Matlab mode for Emacs

	Added mergeant-0.10.0 [salo 2003-02-21]
Package URL:
Comment: GNOME2 GNOME-DB database front-end

	Added mini_sendmail-1.3.2 [is 2003-02-15]
Package URL:
Comment: accept email on behalf of the real sendmail without spooling

	Added newfile-1.0.3 [salo 2003-02-16]
Package URL:
Comment: Tool for creating starter files in various languages

	Added oroborus-2.0.11 [salo 2003-02-15]
Package URL:
Comment: Small and simple window manager for X

	Added p5-Device-Gsm-1.16 [mjl 2003-02-12]
Package URL:
Comment: Perl module to interface GSM cellular / modems

	Added p5-Device-Modem-1.24 [mjl 2003-02-12]
Package URL:
Comment: Perl module to talk to modem devices connected via serial port

	Added p5-Log-Agent-0.303 [mjl 2003-02-11]
Package URL:
Comment: general logging framework aimed at reusable modules

	Added pciutils-2.1.11 [kristerw 2003-02-26]
Package URL:
Comment: PCI bus manipulation utility similar to NetBSD pcictl(8)

	Added php4-iconv 4.2.3 [jdolecek 2003-02-13]
Package URL:
Comment: PHP4 extension for character set conversion

	Added proxycheck-0.41 [zuntum 2003-02-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Tester for open (promiscuous) proxy systems

	Added pxtools-0.0.19 [zuntum 2003-02-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Paradox database export/info utilities

	Added roundup-0.5.5 [lukem 2003-02-14]
Package URL:
Comment: Issue tracking system with command-line, web and email clients

	Added ruby-rdoc- [salo 2003-02-16]
Package URL:
Comment: Generates structured HTML documentation from Ruby source

	Added scrot-0.6 [zuntum 2003-02-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Commandline screen capture util like "import", but using imlib2

	Added spamprobe-0.8b [zuntum 2003-02-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Spam detector using Bayesian analysis of word counts

	Added spread-3.17.0 [mjl 2003-02-18]
Package URL:
Comment: Group communication system providing a number of messaging services

	Added streamtuner-0.9.0 [salo 2003-02-16]
Package URL:
Comment: Stream directory browser

	Added streamtuner-live365-0.3.0 [salo 2003-02-16]
Package URL:
Comment: Live365 plugin for streamtuner

	Added streamtuner-local-0.2.1 [salo 2003-02-16]
Package URL:
Comment: Streamtuner plugin providing access to your local MP3 repository

	Added teTeX2-2.0.1 [kei 2003-02-23]
Package URL:
Comment: Thomas Esser's TeX distribution for UNIX compatible systems, version 2

	Added teTeX2-bin-2.0.1 [kei 2003-02-23]
Package URL:
Comment: TeX distribution for UNIX compatible systems - executables, version 2

	Added teTeX2-share-2.0.1 [kei 2003-02-23]
Package URL:
Comment: Machine-independent part of teTeX, version 2

	Added teTeX2-sharesrc-2.0.1 [kei 2003-02-23]
Package URL:
Comment: Sources for machine-independent part of teTeX, version 2

	Added tileworld-1.0 [salo 2003-02-15]
Package URL:
Comment: "Game based on Chip's Challenge"

	Added tnftpd-2.0rc3 [lukem 2003-02-27]
Package URL:
Comment: The NetBSD FTP Daemon

	Added udptunnel-1.1 [grant 2003-02-16]
Package URL:
Comment: Tunnel UDP packets over a TCP connection

	Added vim-motif-6.1.0 [martti 2003-02-15]
Package URL:
Comment: Vim editor (vi clone) with X11 Motif GUI

	Added vmware-3.2 [bad 2003-02-16]
Package URL:
Comment: VMware 2.x emulator

	Added vmware-module-3.2.0 [bad 2003-02-16]
Package URL:
Comment: Kernel modules for the VMware 2.x emulator

	Added wap-utils-1.3.1 [jschauma 2003-02-18]
Package URL:
Comment: Wireless access points UNIX management tool

	Added wtail-0.2.2 [salo 2003-02-16]
Package URL:
Comment: Watch multiple files at once

	Added xchat2-2.0.0 [jmmv 2003-02-16]
Package URL:
Comment: X11 (X Window System) IRC client, using the GTK2 toolkit

	Added xmill-0.7 [grant 2003-02-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Specialized compressor for XML

	Added xmms-bezier-0.0.3 [hubertf 2003-02-15]
Package URL:
Comment: OpenGL XMMS plugin

	Added xmms-bump-scope-0.0.3 [hubertf 2003-02-15]
Package URL:
Comment: Moving light embossing occiliscope

	Added xmms-funtimedancer-0.1 [hubertf 2003-02-15]
Package URL:
Comment: XMMS plugin displaying an animation

	Added xmms-infinity-0.2 [hubertf 2003-02-15]
Package URL:
Comment: Psychedelic visualization plug-in for xmms

	Added xmms-iris-0.11 [hubertf 2003-02-15]
Package URL:
Comment: OpenGL Spectrum Analyzer with theme engine and fullscreen modes

	Added xmms-jakdaw-0.0.4 [hubertf 2003-02-15]
Package URL:
Comment: Very customizable XMMS plugin with nice effects

	Added xmms-jess-2.9.1 [hubertf 2003-02-15]
Package URL:
Comment: XMMS plugin with Blur, image distorsion, etc.

	Added xmms-madspin-0.03 [hubertf 2003-02-15]
Package URL:
Comment: Based on the madspin winamp plugin

	Added xmms-nebulus-0.3.0 [hubertf 2003-02-15]
Package URL:
Comment: Xmms plugin that uses OpenGL

	Added xmms-paranormal-0.2.0 [hubertf 2003-02-15]
Package URL:
Comment: Extremely customizable (pseudo-programmable) XMMS plugin

	Added xmms-synaesthesia-0.0.3rc3 [hubertf 2003-02-15]
Package URL:
Comment: Port of Synaesthesia to an XMMS plugin

	Added xmms-tv-scope-0.0.2 [hubertf 2003-02-15]
Package URL:
Comment: 3D Representation of a waveform

	Added xvier-1.0 [zuntum 2003-02-17]
Package URL:
Comment: four-in-a-row game

Updates to Packages in the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Updated adobe-cmaps to 20030126 [wiz 2003-02-14]
	Updated aim to 1.5.277 [fredb 2003-02-14]
	Updated anjuta to 1.0.1nb1 [jmmv 2003-02-18]
	Updated ap-auth-cookie to 1.9 [wiz 2003-02-14]
	Updated ap2-perl to 1.99.8 [drochner 2003-02-03]
	Updated apla to 1.0.3nb2 [fredb 2003-02-13]
	Updated atk to 1.2.2 [salo 2003-02-15]
	Updated atlc to 4.2.10 [dmcmahill 2003-02-01]
	Updated autogen to 5.5.2 [kristerw 2003-02-25]
	Updated automake to 1.7.3 [wiz 2003-02-24]
	Updated avifile-devel to 0.6.20010814nb2 [fredb 2003-02-13]
	Updated blackbox to 0.65.0nb2 [jschauma 2003-02-20]
	Updated blackdown-jdk13 to 1nb2 [jlam 2003-02-10]
	Updated bluefish to 0.9 [salo 2003-02-20]
	Updated bochs to 2.0.2 [fredb 2003-02-06]
	Updated boehm-gc to 6.1nb1 [wiz 2003-02-14]
	Updated boehm-gc to 6.1nb2 [kei 2003-02-17]
	Updated bsetroot to 0.1nb2 [jschauma 2003-02-20]
	Updated bug-buddy to 2.2.0nb2 [jmmv 2003-02-18]
	Updated buildtool to 0.10 [jmmv 2003-02-05]
	Updated cadaver to 0.21.0 [wiz 2003-02-14]
	Updated capc-calc to 2.11.7 [wiz 2003-02-26]
	Updated cdpack to 1.5 [dmcmahill 2003-02-05]
	Updated cdrecord to 2.0nb1 [jlam 2003-02-13]
	Updated centericq to 4.9.2 [salo 2003-02-15]
	Updated controlcenter to [jmmv 2003-02-18]
	Updated covered-current to 20021214 [dmcmahill 2003-02-03]
	Updated crimson to [wiz 2003-02-14]
	Updated curl to 7.10.3 [shell 2003-02-09]
	Updated cyrus-imapd to 2.1.12 [seb 2003-02-27]
	Updated cyrus-sasl to 2.1.12 [seb 2003-02-27]
	Updated doc2html to 3.0nb2 [wiz 2003-02-14]
	Updated dvdbackup to 0.1.1nb1 [wiz 2003-02-26]
	Updated easytag to 0.27 [wiz 2003-02-15]
	Updated eb to 3.2.3 [cjep 2003-02-08]
	Updated eel2 to 2.2.1 [jmmv 2003-02-14]
	Updated eog2 to 2.2.0 [jmmv 2003-02-14]
	Updated eog2 to 2.2.0nb1 [jmmv 2003-02-18]
	Updated etcupdate to 20030204 [martti 2003-02-04]
	Updated evolution to 1.2.1nb1 [jmmv 2003-02-18]
	Updated expat to 1.95.6nb1 [jlam 2003-02-04]
	Updated feh to 1.2.5 [salo 2003-02-24]
	Updated fetchmail to 6.2.1 [mycroft 2003-02-21]
	Updated file-roller to 2.2.1 [jmmv 2003-02-14]
	Updated file-roller to 2.2.1nb1 [jmmv 2003-02-18]
	Updated flac to 1.1.0 [wiz 2003-02-15]
	Updated flac-xmms to 1.1.0 [wiz 2003-02-15]
	Updated flow-tools to 0.63 [seb 2003-02-16]
	Updated fluxbox to 0.1.14nb1 [wiz 2003-02-14]
	Updated freeciv-client to 1.14.0 [salo 2003-02-23]
	Updated freeciv-client-gtk to 1.14.0 [salo 2003-02-23]
	Updated freeciv-server to 1.14.0 [salo 2003-02-23]
	Updated freeciv-share to 1.14.0 [salo 2003-02-23]
	Updated fvwm2 to 2.4.15nb2 [atatat 2003-02-12]
	Updated g-wrap to 1.3.4 [jschauma 2003-02-24]
	Updated gabber to 0.8.6nb7 [jmmv 2003-02-18]
	Updated gail to 1.2.0 [jmmv 2003-02-14]
	Updated galeon to 1.2.8 [taya 2003-02-17]
	Updated galeon to 1.2.8nb2 [jmmv 2003-02-18]
	Updated galway to 0.33nb1 [jlam 2003-02-04]
	Updated gcombust to 0.1.54 [salo 2003-02-15]
	Updated GConf2 to 2.2.0 [jmmv 2003-02-14]
	Updated GConf2-ui to 2.2.0 [jmmv 2003-02-14]
	Updated gedit to [jmmv 2003-02-14]
	Updated gedit to [jmmv 2003-02-18]
	Updated ggv to 1.0.2nb6 [jmmv 2003-02-18]
	Updated ggv2 to 1.99.98 [jmmv 2003-02-14]
	Updated ggv2 to 1.99.98nb1 [jmmv 2003-02-18]
	Updated giram to 0.3.4 [salo 2003-02-15]
	Updated gkrellm to 1.2.13 [salo 2003-02-15]
	Updated glade to 0.6.2nb5 [jmmv 2003-02-18]
	Updated glade to 0.6.4 [salo 2003-02-20]
	Updated glade2 to 1.2.1nb2 [jmmv 2003-02-18]
	Updated glib2 to 2.2.1 [wiz 2003-02-15]
	Updated gmp to 4.1.2 [mycroft 2003-02-21]
	Updated gmplayer to 0.90rc13nb1 [fredb 2003-02-02]
	Updated gmplayer to 0.90rc3nb2 [wiz 2003-02-26]
	Updated gnome-applets to [jmmv 2003-02-18]
	Updated gnome-chess to 0.3.3nb5 [jmmv 2003-02-18]
	Updated gnome-core to 1.4.2nb3 [jmmv 2003-02-18]
	Updated gnome-desktop to [jmmv 2003-02-14]
	Updated gnome-dirs to 1.1 [jmmv 2003-02-05]
	Updated gnome-games to [jmmv 2003-02-18]
	Updated gnome-media to 1.2.3nb5 [jmmv 2003-02-18]
	Updated gnome-panel to [jmmv 2003-02-14]
	Updated gnome-panel to [jmmv 2003-02-15]
	Updated gnome-panel to [jmmv 2003-02-18]
	Updated gnome-python to 1.4.4 [mycroft 2003-02-21]
	Updated gnome-session to 2.0.8nb2 [jmmv 2003-02-05]
	Updated gnome-session to [jmmv 2003-02-14]
	Updated gnome-utils to [jmmv 2003-02-18]
	Updated gnome-vfs2 to 2.2.2 [jmmv 2003-02-14]
	Updated gnome-vfs2 to 2.2.2nb1 [jmmv 2003-02-15]
	Updated gnome1-dirs to 1.1 [jmmv 2003-02-05]
	Updated gnome2-control-center to [jmmv 2003-02-14]
	Updated gnome2-dirs to 1.1 [jmmv 2003-02-05]
	Updated gnome2-pixmaps to [jmmv 2003-02-13]
	Updated gnome2-terminal to 2.0.1nb2 [jmmv 2003-02-14]
	Updated gnome2-terminal to 2.0.1nb3 [jmmv 2003-02-18]
	Updated gnuboy to 1.0.3 [salo 2003-02-14]
	Updated gnuboy to 1.0.3nb1 [salo 2003-02-16]
	Updated gnucash to 1.8.1 [jschauma 2003-02-27]
	Updated gnumeric to 1.0.12nb3 [jmmv 2003-02-18]
	Updated gqmpeg to 0.20.0 [wiz 2003-02-14]
	Updated grep to 2.5.1 [wiz 2003-02-13]
	Updated groff to 1.18.1nb1 [wiz 2003-02-25]
	Updated gsl to 1.3 [jtb 2003-02-17]
	Updated gtexinfo to 4.5 [wiz 2003-02-13]
	Updated gtk2 to 2.2.1 [wiz 2003-02-15]
	Updated gturing to 0.1.1nb2 [jmmv 2003-02-18]
	Updated guile to 1.6.3 [mycroft 2003-02-21]
	Updated htmllint to 20030203 [jschauma 2003-02-03]
	Updated ifile to 1.3.0 [salo 2003-02-25]
	Updated imapfilter to 0.8.5 [jtb 2003-02-22]
	Updated imlib2 to 1.0.6 [jmmv 2003-02-15]
	Updated intltool to 0.25 [jmmv 2003-02-01]
	Updated intltool to 0.25nb1 [jmmv 2003-02-19]
	Updated ipv6calc to 0.45nb1 [tron 2003-02-06]
	Updated ircII to 20021103nb1 [lukem 2003-02-18]
	Updated jdk to 1.1.8nb3 [jlam 2003-02-03]
	Updated jdk to 1.1.8nb4 [jlam 2003-02-10]
	Updated jwhois to 3.2.1 [salo 2003-02-15]
	Updated kaffe to 1.0.7nb1 [jlam 2003-02-10]
	Updated latex-mk to 1.0 [dmcmahill 2003-02-26]
	Updated leafnode to 1.9.36 [cjep 2003-02-26]
	Updated less to 381 [grant 2003-02-17]
	Updated lftp to 2.6.4nb1 [seb 2003-02-06]
	Updated libast to 0.5nb1 [salo 2003-02-14]
	Updated libbonoboui to 2.2.0 [jmmv 2003-02-14]
	Updated libdvdcss to 1.2.5 [mycroft 2003-02-21]
	Updated libdvdread to 0.9.4 [wiz 2003-02-26]
	Updated libgda to 0.10.0 [jmmv 2003-02-13]
	Updated libgda to 0.10.0nb1 [jmmv 2003-02-18]
	Updated libgnome to [jmmv 2003-02-14]
	Updated libgnome to [jmmv 2003-02-15]
	Updated libgnomecanvas to [jmmv 2003-02-14]
	Updated libgnomecanvas to [jmmv 2003-02-28]
	Updated libgnomedb to 0.10.0 [jmmv 2003-02-14]
	Updated libgnomedb to 0.10.0nb1 [jmmv 2003-02-18]
	Updated libgnomeprint to [jmmv 2003-02-14]
	Updated libgnomeprintui to [jmmv 2003-02-14]
	Updated libgnomeui to [jmmv 2003-02-14]
	Updated libiconv to 1.8nb1 [grant 2003-02-28]
	Updated librep to 1.16.1 [mycroft 2003-02-21]
	Updated libwnck to 2.2.1 [jmmv 2003-02-13]
	Updated libxml2 to 2.5.3 [jmmv 2003-02-24]
	Updated libxslt to 1.0.26 [jmmv 2003-02-24]
	Updated links to [wiz 2003-02-25]
	Updated links-gui to [wiz 2003-02-25]
	Updated links-gui to [is 2003-02-27]
	Updated lsof to 4.66nb1 [atatat 2003-02-02]
	Updated lua to 4.0.1 [jtb 2003-02-21]
	Updated mencoder to 0.90rc3nb1 [wiz 2003-02-26]
	Updated metacity to 2.4.34 [jmmv 2003-02-14]
	Updated mgetty to 1.1.28nb2 [fredb 2003-02-26]
	Updated mgetty to 1.1.28nb3 [fredb 2003-02-27]
	Updated micq to [salo 2003-02-15]
	Updated mini_sendmail to 1.3.2nb1 [is 2003-02-15]
	Updated mozilla to 1.2.1nb5 [atatat 2003-02-12]
	Updated mozilla to 1.2.1nb5 [taya 2003-02-02]
	Updated mp3check to 0.8.0 [abs 2003-02-16]
	Updated mplayer to 0.90rc3nb1 [wiz 2003-02-26]
	Updated ms-ttf to 20020306nb2 [jmmv 2003-02-16]
	Updated multi-gnome-terminal to 1.6.1nb1 [jmmv 2003-02-18]
	Updated musicbrainz to 2.0.0 [salo 2003-02-20]
	Updated netatalk to 1.6.0 [fredb 2003-02-15]
	Updated netatalk to 1.6.1 [fredb 2003-02-23]
	Updated nullmailer to 1.0.0rc7 [jtb 2003-02-17]
	Updated ogle to 0.8.5nb2 [wiz 2003-02-26]
	Updated ogle_gui to 0.8.5nb2 [wiz 2003-02-26]
	Updated opencm to 0.1.2alpha4 [hubertf 2003-02-14]
	Updated openmotif to 2.1.30nb2 [jmmv 2003-02-23]
	Updated openoffice-linux to 1.0.2nb2 [jlam 2003-02-11]
	Updated openoffice-linux to 1.0.2nb3 [mrauch 2003-02-27]
	Updated opensp to 1.5 [salo 2003-02-15]
	Updated openssl to 0.9.6gnb1 [wiz 2003-02-20]
	Updated p0f to 1.8.2nb1 [jmmv 2003-02-02]
	Updated p5-CGI to 2.88 [wiz 2003-02-21]
	Updated p5-Device-SerialPort to 0.12 [mjl 2003-02-12]
	Updated p5-SSLeay to 0.47 [shell 2003-02-09]
	Updated p5-Time-HiRes to 1.42 [salo 2003-02-15]
	Updated p5-TimeDate to 1.14 [wiz 2003-02-14]
	Updated pango to 1.2.1 [wiz 2003-02-15]
	Updated php4 to 4.2.3nb1 [jlam 2003-02-03]
	Updated php4 to 4.2.3nb2 [lukem 2003-02-21]
	Updated popa3d to 0.6 [salo 2003-02-20]
	Updated postfix to 2.0.3nb1 [lukem 2003-02-01]
	Updated postfix to 2.0.4 [martti 2003-02-21]
	Updated postgresql to 7.3.2 [mycroft 2003-02-21]
	Updated postgresql-client to 7.3.2 [mycroft 2003-02-21]
	Updated postgresql-docs to 7.3.2 [mycroft 2003-02-21]
	Updated postgresql-lib to 7.3.2 [mycroft 2003-02-21]
	Updated postgresql-plperl to 7.3.2 [mycroft 2003-02-21]
	Updated postgresql-pltcl to 7.3.2 [mycroft 2003-02-21]
	Updated postgresql-server to 7.3.2 [mycroft 2003-02-21]
	Updated prboom to 2.2.3nb1 [wiz 2003-02-14]
	Updated pysol to 4.81 [wiz 2003-02-25]
	Updated qt3 to 3.0.7 [skrll 2003-02-04]
	Updated qt3-docs to 3.0.7 [skrll 2003-02-04]
	Updated qt3-libs to 3.0.7 [skrll 2003-02-04]
	Updated qt3-mysql to 3.0.7 [skrll 2003-02-04]
	Updated qt3-psql to 3.0.7 [skrll 2003-02-04]
	Updated qt3-tools to 3.0.7 [skrll 2003-02-04]
	Updated rdesktop to 1.1.0nb1 [grant 2003-02-10]
	Updated rdesktop to 1.2 [grant 2003-02-13]
	Updated rid to 1.11nb1 [jmmv 2003-02-02]
	Updated rrdtool to 1.0.40 [seb 2003-02-16]
	Updated scilab to 2.7 [dmcmahill 2003-02-21]
	Updated scrollkeeper to 0.3.12 [jmmv 2003-02-18]
	Updated seahorse to 0.7.0 [jmmv 2003-02-15]
	Updated seahorse to 0.7.0nb1 [jmmv 2003-02-18]
	Updated sh-utils to 2.0nb2 [grant 2003-02-13]
	Updated source-highlight to 1.6.3 [seb 2003-02-16]
	Updated spamassassin to 2.44 [heinz 2003-02-02]
	Updated spamassassin to 2.44nb1 [heinz 2003-02-09]
	Updated spim to 6.5 [dmcmahill 2003-02-03]
	Updated sqlite to 2.8.0 [agc 2003-02-17]
	Updated squid to 2.5.1nb3 [taca 2003-02-16]
	Updated squirrelmail to 1.2.11 [martti 2003-02-12]
	Updated star to 1.4.3 [salo 2003-02-23]
	Updated suck to 4.3.1 [wiz 2003-02-21]
	Updated sun-jdk13 to 1.0.7nb1 [jlam 2003-02-10]
	Updated sun-jdk14 to 1.0.1 [jlam 2003-02-10]
	Updated sun-jre13 to 1.0.7nb1 [jlam 2003-02-10]
	Updated swi-prolog to 5.0.10 [wulf 2003-02-27]
	Updated sylpheed to 0.8.10 [chris 2003-02-04]
	Updated sylpheed to 0.8.10nb1 [salo 2003-02-15]
	Updated tcpreplay to 1.3.2 [salo 2003-02-15]
	Updated tightvncviewer to 1.2.8 [jlam 2003-02-17]
	Updated timidity to 2.11.3nb2 [mycroft 2003-02-21]
	Updated tspc to 0.9.7 [salo 2003-02-15]
	Updated unproven-pthreads to 0.17nb4 [salo 2003-02-15]
	Updated verilog-current to 20030202 [dmcmahill 2003-02-03]
	Updated vice to 1.11 [wiz 2003-02-21]
	Updated ViPEC to 3.1.3 [dmcmahill 2003-02-05]
	Updated vm to 7.08 [jtb 2003-02-19]
	Updated vmware-module to 1.1 [bad 2003-02-16]
	Updated vmware-module to 1.2 [bad 2003-02-16]
	Updated w3m to 0.4 [uebayasi 2003-02-27]
	Updated w3m-img to 0.4 [uebayasi 2003-02-27]
	Updated wdm to 1.22.1 [salo 2003-02-23]
	Updated wmbiff to 0.4.13nb1 [tron 2003-02-02]
	Updated xchat2 to 2.0.0nb1 [jmmv 2003-02-17]
	Updated xemacs to 21.4.12 [uebayasi 2003-02-25]
	Updated xemacs to 21.4.12nb1 [uebayasi 2003-02-26]
	Updated xemacs to 21.4.12nb2 [tron 2003-02-26]
	Updated xemacs-packages to 1.10 [uebayasi 2003-02-22]
	Updated xfstt to 1.4 [salo 2003-02-22]
	Updated Xft2 to 2.1nb3 [wiz 2003-02-03]
	Updated xhippo 3.3 [hubertf 2003-02-14]
	Updated xjdic to 2.3nb1 [wiz 2003-02-14]
	Updated xmame to 0.65.1 [kristerw 2003-02-13]
	Updated xmess to 0.65.1 [kristerw 2003-02-14]
	Updated xml-i18n-tools to 0.9nb1 [jmmv 2003-02-19]
	Updated xmms-madspin to 0.05 [hubertf 2003-02-22]
	Updated xscreensaver to 4.06nb3 [markd 2003-02-11]
	Updated xscreensaver to 4.07 [wiz 2003-02-15]
	Updated xscreensaver to 4.08 [mycroft 2003-02-21]
	Updated xscreensaver-gnome to 4.06nb2 [markd 2003-02-11]
	Updated xscreensaver-gnome to 4.07 [wiz 2003-02-15]
	Updated xscreensaver-gnome to 4.08 [mycroft 2003-02-21]
	Updated xv to 3.10anb5 [grant 2003-02-28]
	Updated yudit to 2.7.2 [salo 2003-02-23]

Other Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Removed ap-utils [jschauma 2003-02-18]
	Removed gnome-db [salo 2003-02-21]
	Removed lukemftpd [lukem 2003-02-27]