Subject: Re: Kernel Support for SMBFS: mount_smbfs: unable to open connection
To: Tobias Schuepp <>
From: Kurt Schreiner <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/26/2003 13:41:58

same here:

> mount_smbfs -I netapp.uni -W unidomain //luser@netapp/luser /mnt
> Warning: no cfg file(s) found.
> Password: <dfdfdfdfd>
> mount_smbfs: unable to open connection: syserr = Connection reset by peer

File server is a netapp running some proprietary netapp-os,
note-book is running -current(i386) as of yesterday evening (~18:00 MET)
Hm, perhaps I can do some packet tracing later this afternoon...

Haven't tried mounting samba-shares, yet.