Subject: HEADS-UP: sendmail 8.12.8 imported
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/24/2003 12:28:40
sorry for the delay, but i finally got all the goo involved in
importing the new sendmail worked out, and i imported it this morning.

first and foremost, this new version of sendmail (8.12.8) does not get
installed as a setuid root binary[*], but rather is setgid to smmsp.

the new mode of operation is that sendmail collects mail (from mutt or
pine or /usr/bin/mail) and stores it in a new "client queue"
directory.  it then relays the mail to an smtp daemon listening on the
loopback interface.  that daemon accepts the mail, stores it in the
main mail queue, and handles delivery.  there is a new configuration
file (called /etc/mail/ for this mode of operation.  it's
simple and the generic file should suffice for just
about everyone.

what this means is that if you have sendmail selected as your mta via
/etc/mailer.conf, you will now need a daemon listening on the loopback
interface to accept the mail and arrange for delivery.

changes to /etc/postinstall will help with upgrades and advise you of
any possible problems.

hopefully i caught everything during my testing period, but if i
missed anything, please let me know and/or file a pr.  i know i have a
tad more documentation to do first...

[*] if you really want to, you can remove (or not install) the
/etc/mail/ file and change the mode of sendmail back to 4755
and you can get the old behavior.  see the description of the sendmail
flags in rc.conf(5) for more info.

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