Subject: request for -current article review
To: None <>
From: Michael W . Lucas <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/21/2003 09:28:59

I've written an article about upgrading to NetBSD-current for my
O'Reilly column.  While I know the process I describe works, I'd like
to be certain that it best reflects NetBSD best practice.  If you are
an experienced NetBSD-current user who would be willing to review a
brief article and point out any obvious bogons, please let me know.

(Unfortunately, I cannot just post the article and ask anyone in the
world to review it; that constitutes "prior publication" and would
invalidate my contract.  I can, however, announce publically that I'm
seeking reviewers and then mail people copies of the article if they
promise to not distribute it.)

Thank you,

Michael Lucas,

           Absolute BSD: