Subject: Re: Testing a new build
To: Thomas Miller <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/14/2003 11:50:10
Thus spake Thomas Miller ("TM> ") sometime Today...

TM> I am asking about basic sanity tests for proper functioning of
TM> the newly built system.  If one could test everything, then there
TM> would be no need to seperate -current from -release.  And, if the
TM> system built itself, that seems like a pretty good test for basic
TM> functioning.  Nevertheless it seems I ought to do something more
TM> than run a few of the newly built binaries before I move the new
TM> system to /.
TM> Do folks using -current typically do any kind of testing prior to
TM> moving the newly built system to /?

I copy my current etc to the new one, make the devices, and reboot -- '-s
$PROM-version-of-newroot' (or reboot and press the any key to stop the
bootloader and type 'boot $device-with-newroot -s' if the system doesn't
support passing flags to the bootloader (which, by the way, we really
should try to find a way to do...tweak a bit in the disklabel somewhere?
There *has* to be a way!)) so that I can actually reboot into the
new environment.  I go single-user first just to make sure that silly
things like /sbin/init and /bin/sh work (I made the mistake of using
-O3 on a build once...thank goodness for RAID autoconfig so I could boot
my backed-up root!!).

TM> Thanks again,
TM> Tom

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