Subject: Re: LFS panic
To: None <>
From: Christopher Tribo <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/12/2003 22:23:12
	Do you have options BUFPAGES in your kernel with the ammount it 
recommends if you manually mount the LFS FS? LFS doesn't use the Buffer 
cache (yet) I'm told, so UBC probably isn't part of the issue at all like 
you said. The bufpages option seemed to add some stability for me. You 
have cpg and bpg both set to 8192 as well I hope?

I'm trying to port NetBSD to my cup of tea, but it keeps kernel panicking 
on refill. This is odd, because I ported it to my toaster and my bookcase 
easily enough and it survives bread- and book-replacement fine.

Any hints?

Jared Earle -