Subject: Re: Two vga drivers
To: None <>
From: Anthony Mallet <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/09/2003 17:57:58
Perry E. Metzger writes:
| Anthony Mallet <> writes:
| > Is it possible to have t[w]o vga drivers configured at the same time (i386)?
| Are you sure you want to do this?

Well... yes and no :)
I just wondered if it was possible because I couldn't get X working with
those two boards... Since I need X on only one display, I could have
used this config as a workaround.

But I'll forget about that since apparently this is not possible. Maybe
this would be worth adding a few lines in the vga(4) manual page?

| I imagine that you may think you need the vga driver to run X on two
| heads, but in fact you do not -- XFree effectively supplies its own
| drivers which speak to the card via /dev/mem.

Ok, I was not sure about that :)

But I just can't find how to launch two separate X servers. The second
one insists on using a VT on the first display (which has the console
attached), and nothing gets displayed on the second display (even not a
sync signal).
In Xinerama mode, same story: the second display doesn't work.
Of course, I have tested each board and each screen separately (single
head) and this works perfectly.

[I'm not sure whether we should continue this discussion in tech-x11]