Subject: Re: Help me defend NetBSD's honor!
To: None <>
From: Peter Seebach <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/09/2003 05:01:10
In message <>, Ignatios Souvatzis wri
>I suggest a workaround: the Soekris 4501 (I assume also the 4521, I think it's
>built around the same CPU) should have two serial ports - so configure your
>kernel to use the other serial port as kernel console.

>You still should make sure to not enable nasty things in the BIOS, of course
>(e.g. - whatwasit - ctrl-p to break out of automatic boot).

Unfortunately, the 4521 only has one physical serial port.  This is going
to suck, I can tell already.  :)  I may be obliged to tie up a cardbus
slot doing USB serial or something similar.  Or, bug the people to use a 4501
instead of a 4521, but they really like the thing with two cardbus slots.

>That's the easy method. Also, tell syslogd to only log over the net or shut
>it up totally, maybe install mini_sendmail (from pkgsrc) so that you can
>get locally generated (think cron!) mail onto the operator's box, etc.

All that stuff will be disabled; this is a very custom-built box, and
needs very little cron.

>[1] myself, "A shared write-protected  NFS root file system for a cluster
>    of diskless machines",

Very cool.  Thanks!