Subject: Re: /usr/pkg/etc/rc.d/*
To: None <>
From: Soren Jacobsen <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/08/2003 21:23:38
On Sat, Mar 08, 2003 at 11:12:40PM -0600, Peter Seebach wrote:
> In message <>, "Greg A. Woods" writes:
> >(hopefully you don't expect add-on things which have start-up scripts to
> >just magically work without some local configuration!  ;-)
> Well, isn't that the point of pkgsrc?  It "just works"?

You'd have to edit /etc/rc.conf anyway to enable the services, so I
don't think there's much harm in adding another two lines the first time
you enable a service that has been installed from pkgsrc. Yikes, that's
an ugly looking sentence. :)

Soren Jacobsen