Subject: Re: TOOLD build failure
To: None <>
From: David S. <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/06/2003 11:35:35
> Trying to build the tools, I've been getting for a few days
>  /usr/tools/bin/nbinstall -c -p -r -m 644 /usr/src/tools/toolchain/../../gnu/dist/toolchain/gas/doc/as.1 /usr/tools/man/man1/m68k--netbsdelf-as.1
> nbmake: don't know how to make Stop
> nbmake: stopped in /var/obj/tools/toolchain/build/gas/doc
> *** Error code 1

I was seeing this too, for a few days.  Eventually I just deleted my
sources and checked out a new batch.  That seemed to fix the problem,
but I don't know what caused it.

David S.