Subject: Re: problem with and rdonly filesystem
To: Ronald van der Pol <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/05/2003 11:26:49
On Tue, Mar 04, 2003 at 10:50:45PM +0100, Ronald van der Pol wrote:
  | I haven't built current for about a month.
  | I have successfully built on an NFS server. The filesytem is mounted
  | read-only on the host I which to install.
  | # sh -U -M /net/NetBSD/obj-i386 -T /net/NetBSD/tools-i386 \
  | -D /net/NetBSD/build-i386 -V MKTOOLS=no  install=/
  | ===> command: -U -M /net/NetBSD/obj-i386 \
  | -T /net/NetBSD/tools-i386 -D /net/NetBSD/build-i386 -V MKTOOLS=no install=/
  | ===> started: Tue Mar  4 22:35:30 CET 2003
  | mkdir: /net/NetBSD/obj-i386: Read-only file system
  | ===> DESTDIR path: /net/NetBSD/build-i386
  | ===> TOOLDIR path: /net/NetBSD/tools-i386
  | mkdir: /net/NetBSD/tools-i386/bin: Read-only file system
  | ERROR: mkdir of '/net/NetBSD/tools-i386/bin' failed
  | *** BUILD ABORTED ***
  | #
  | It looks like createmakewrapper() is always run and always tries
  | to mkdir.

(I haven't checked this myself; I'm just speculating).

I'm surprised the second mkdir (of ..../bin) fails, since it uses
"mkdir -p", it shouldn't fail.   Actually, I've just tested this:
	ordinary user, no perms, existing dir
	the following exits 0:
		mkdir -p /usr/bin

	ordinary user, no perms, r-o file system, existing dir
	the following exits 1:
		mkdir -p /readonlymount/existingdir

I would argue that the latter should exit 0.
A quick check against Solaris 8 reveals that it does exit 0 in the
latter case.

So, at the moment, you're stuck  :-(.  If you just needed to write
the wrapper to another path, I'd suggest looking at the "-w wrapper"
option to

I'll think about another solution.