Subject: Need ideas how to debug "emacs" problem
To: None <>
From: Matthias Scheler <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/04/2003 22:01:42

when I discovered today that "emacs" ("emacs-20.7nb2" built from
today's packages sources) crashed for me under NetBSD-current (built
from today's sources) in X11 mode I first thought it would be a
problem with XFree86 4.3.0. But because no other Xaw application
crashed I got skeptical. I tried to install an "emacs" package build
on a NetBSD 1.6.1_RC1 system and the problem went away.

I've checked that both "emacs"" binaries use the same shared libraries.
Further on I've compared the output of "make configure" produced on the
NetBSD-current and on the NetBSD-1.6.1_RC1 system but there was no

What could cause this problem? A toolchain bug? I'm running out of
ideas here. By the way the "xemacs" package is not affected.

	Kind regards

Matthias Scheler