Subject: Re: libpthread busted?
To: George Michaelson <>
From: George Michaelson <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/04/2003 17:04:03
I hacked on pkgsrc/devel/glib/ and forced it to make libgthread.a only but
with complaints from libtool about missing shared libs.

I then re-made pkgsrc/x11/gtk/ which made no complaints.

I then re-made my gtk based app (sylpheed) and it complained
once in a link phase about libgthread.a being non-shared, and being able to
re-link against a dynamic library later if required, and then completed

And, I got my mission-critical app. back, apparently working, with static
threads and no pth installed in the system.

So I really do think somebody wise wants to hack on pkgsrc/devel/glib and
do a clean fix to make not depend on, or else
cleanly be static only.