Subject: Re: Updating CVS to current
To: Ben Harris <>
From: Jean-Luc Wasmer <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/27/2003 13:21:21
Quoting Ben Harris <>:
> $ cd /usr/src/usr.bin/cvs
> $ make -m /usr/src/share/mk USETOOLS=no dependall
> This is a somewhat unreliable process, though, since the new version of CVS
> may depend on features of NetBSD or the toolchain that aren't present in
> your version.

I'm aware of that but I think the chances are small in this case.

Quoting Frederick Bruckman <>:
> If it doesn't work, the pkgsrc package is up-to-date -- use that.
Cool... I didn't know it was in the package system. This works!