Subject: Re: Lockup with -current via SSH
To: Ken Seefried <>
From: Sean J. Schluntz <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/24/2003 20:21:55
>I loaded one of my SMP boxes (Intel PR440FX with dual PPro200/256) with the 
>latest i386 snapshot (20021002).  I pulled a fresh source tree via CVS 
>yesterday morning (2/23) and built & installed a from scratch, first time 
> -current per  I 
>compiled and installed a kernel using GENERIC.MP. 
>Initially works fine, including compiling a kernel using "make -j 3". 
>Until...I log in remotely via ssh.  Enter username, enter password.  Solid 
>lockup.  No console output, nothing in /var/log.  Reset to recover.  
>Repeatable every time. 

Just to echo in here, I've unintentunally reproduced this (build the kernel
and booted before your thread started) on my system. A PPro 180x2 also
with 256mb.

To bad, I was enjoying MP on my 1.6I system. I look forward to a resolution :)