Subject: Re: Enabling Native Pthreads
To: Andrew Brown <>
From: Tom Ivar Helbekkmo <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/24/2003 19:53:40
Andrew Brown <> writes:

>>And if I'm not mistaken, you have to rebuild any packages that used the 
>>old thread library.
> well...only if you want them to use the new threads.  ;-)

"All or nothing" is probably a pretty safe way to go, though, since
you'll get real fun problems once you start linking a pthreads-using
application (post userland upgrade) with a pkgsrc-built library from
before the upgrade, so the resulting application is confused about
what pthreads package to use.  :-)

As has been mentioned, you can't use native pthreads and SMP, and
there are still some other problems.  For instance, while Mozilla
works great for me, xmms doesn't: it hangs after a little while, and
sometimes crashes my entire system.  (This on i386.)

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