Subject: feature request
To: None <>
From: Sporleder, Matthew (CCI-Atlanta) <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/24/2003 10:35:28
I'm not sure how plausable this would be, but it would be really nice
if ./ could create an install-set-style or pkg with updates
from one date to another.

I'm using netbsd 1.6 - release on 10 servers
security advisory comes out/feature is added that I would like
I build one patch_datestamp.tgz on my netbsd box containing sources and =
compilers, etc
scp over and pkg_add or whatever

Would this just involve finding sources that have changed since your =
checkout and then building anything that uses them?
Could we use a system like this to upgrade an entire system with =
(pkg_add netbsd-2.0 ;))

Or is there something existing that I don't know about?

-Matthew Sporleder
    =A4 SDC System Tech =A4