Subject: Re: NFS issues
To: None <>
From: Ben Harris <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/18/2003 21:42:21
In article <1045595915.545.11.camel@lady> you write:
>Another NFS (and other things) question: is there anything I can do if
>I happily bring the NFS server down while the client has mounted
>directories? It is most annoying when many things start to hang waiting
>for the unresponding NFS server... forcibly unmounting the directories
>doesn't seem to have any effect. (And the processes waiting for the
>NFS can't even be killed; nice if it happens to be XMMS, in which case
>another XMMS process can't be started...)

If you do your mounts with "-o intr" then accesses to them will be
interruptible, which means you can kill processes which are waiting for the
NFS server to come back.  For non-essential file systems this is probably
what you want.

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