Subject: building -current
To: None <>
From: John Franklin <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/14/2003 11:08:02
I am having some serious problems building -current.  Here's the setup:
a build machine NFS mounts /usr/src2 exported by a much slower machine.
The build machine is a dual-processor, running a -current kernel.  The
NFS server is running 1.6-STABLE of some age.

The build is run with the following build command:

./ -D makestuff/dest -R makestuff/release -O makestuff/release
-T makestuff/tools -uo distribution

The first build does not have the -o option enabled.  Subsequent builds

The build proceeds without problem until it hits the rescue directory.
There it fails with "nbmake: /usr/src2/makestuff/objs/rescue/gzip: No
such file or directory."  If the command above is re-executed, then the
gzip directory is found but the next directory is not found.

Here are my queries:

1) How can I tell to not build rescue?  I don't want it.  I
don't agree with the arguments in favor of it.  I'd be just as happy
without it.

2) Why can't, when using -j n, figure out the build failed and
stop.  It still continues on to the install phase, which obviously fails
as well on account of all files on the distribution list are not

3) How can I build something with all the directory settings as listed
in the above command line, directly in one of the source directories.
That is, how can I do "cd /usr/src2/rescue && make dependall" and get
the objs in /usr/src2/makestuff/objs/rescue/<foo>?

4) How can I get object directories to be created on demand during the
dependall phase, rather than en mass at the beginning of the build?  Why
is this done in the first place?

John Franklin
ICBM: 3543'56"N 7853'27"W