Subject: RE: test_popen failed. Compiling Python 2.1.3
To: None <>
From: Jose Lourenco <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/12/2003 11:22:14
Thank you for your and others prompt answer.

I was not using pkgsrc but downloaded python-2.1.3 from I
usually preffer to try to compile from source first without additional
source/packages to avaliate any problems that may arise. I have used the
same procedure to compile python in other systems such as OpenBSD and RedHat
without problems. I still don't know what (if any) is the problem with the
test_popen failure. When I have little spare time I'll try to deal with it.

Then I used the pkgsrc python21-pth-2.1.3 (as threads are needed to run
Zope) and had no problem with it. I manually ran the test related to popen,
threads and fork, those I have experienced some issues before but were all

I compiled directly Zope2.6.1 (without pkgsrc - I'll try your suggestion and
MLH' later) and the only problem I had was that during compiling, the pth.h
file wasn't found. I copied it from /usr/pkg/include to
/usr/pkg/include/python2p1 and all went well.

Again, thank very much for your and others support.

Best regards,
Jose Lourenco

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Assunto: Re: test_popen failed. Compiling Python 2.1.3 said:
> I compiled Python-2.1.3.tar.gz (from with no problems.
> When I executed "make test" I got a test_popen failure.

Are you using pkgsrc?
If yes: this failure is harmless - it is actually a bug in the
testsuite not to look at "sys.executable" byt to blindly rely
in some "python" being in the $PATH. I didn't care enough to add
a patch for it so far.
If no: You should provide more information.

> I need a working 2.1.3 version of python with threads in order to install
> Zope 2.6.1

As a starting point you could look at pkgsrc/www/zope25.
The installation procedure shouldn't be too different for 2.6.1;
just replace the versions in the Makefile...
Eventually I'll add a zope26 pkg.

best regards