Subject: Help with 2 crashes in 1.6 this week
To: None <>
From: Byron Servies <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/05/2003 10:24:05
Hi there!

Sorry about the cross-post to netbsd-help and current-users,
if you have received both of these messages.  After reflection,
this is probably a more appropriate list to ask this question

This week I have had 2 panics and I need some advice on
how to proceed in reporting or diagnosing the problem.
Please point me to the correct forum for this information,
if this is not the correct list.

I am running a custom 1.6 kernel, based on GENERIC, with
devices I do not have removed.  Since I also occasionally
run -current (on another disk), and have had crashes in
the past I could not diagnose, I have debug kernels available.

Both crashes occurred in the same place:
#24 0xc03102c7 in trap (frame={tf_gs = -1072234480, tf_fs = -1049690096, 
    tf_es = -1049690096, tf_ds = -1071448048, tf_edi = -446528320, 
    tf_esi = 17, tf_ebp = -474493684, tf_ebx = 0, tf_edx = 0, 
    tf_ecx = -474493632, tf_eax = -1049206784, tf_trapno = 6, tf_err = 0, 
    tf_eip = -1071764709, tf_cs = 8, tf_eflags = 66050, tf_esp = 0, 
    tf_ss = 17, tf_vm86_es = -446528320, tf_vm86_ds = -1049653048, 
    tf_vm86_fs = -1071572116, tf_vm86_gs = -474492464})
    at /sys/arch/i386/compile/BYRON/../../../../arch/i386/i386/trap.c:220
#25 0xc0100e03 in calltrap ()
#26 0xc023c545 in VOP_PUTPAGES (vp=0xe4d7c180, offlo=0, offhi=0, flags=17)
    at /sys/arch/i386/compile/BYRON/../../../../kern/vnode_if.c:1636
#27 0xc01e2804 in ffs_full_fsync (v=0xe3b7ce58)
    at /sys/arch/i386/compile/BYRON/../../../../ufs/ffs/ffs_vnops.c:353
#28 0xc01e2574 in ffs_fsync (v=0xe3b7ce58)
    at /sys/arch/i386/compile/BYRON/../../../../ufs/ffs/ffs_vnops.c:262
#29 0xc023bd98 in VOP_FSYNC (vp=0xe4d7c180, cred=0xc1552f00, flags=0, offlo=0, 
    offhi=0, p=0xe3b7d004)
    at /sys/arch/i386/compile/BYRON/../../../../kern/vnode_if.c:662
#30 0xc01e0f57 in ffs_sync (mp=0xc1728000, waitfor=3, cred=0xc1552f00, 
    at /sys/arch/i386/compile/BYRON/../../../../ufs/ffs/ffs_vfsops.c:1065
#31 0xc0241528 in sync_fsync (v=0xe3b7cf28)
    at /sys/arch/i386/compile/BYRON/../../../../miscfs/syncfs/sync_vnops.c:160
#32 0xc023bd98 in VOP_FSYNC (vp=0xe4bbbca4, cred=0xc1552f00, flags=8, offlo=0, 
    offhi=0, p=0xe3b7d004)
    at /sys/arch/i386/compile/BYRON/../../../../kern/vnode_if.c:662
#33 0xc02412a1 in sched_sync (v=0xe3b7d004)
    at /sys/arch/i386/compile/BYRON/../../../../miscfs/syncfs/sync_subr.c:188

In examining the fs structure in frame 30 (ffs_sync), both
panics occurred on my /usr mount, which is mounted softdep,
though that may be a red herring given my lack of experience
in examining netbsd kernel issues.  It may take me a while
to figure out how to unravel the op vectors to figure out
why the trap actually occurred.

Any assistance or tips would be very welcome.  config diffs
and core dumps available if you want them.