Subject: ntfs module broken ?
To: None <>
From: Nouvelles Fraiches <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/05/2003 15:34:18

I'm running NetBSD-current supped and compiled yesterday. Since I'm quite new to NetBSD, I'm still tweaking my kernel configuration. My box has a Win XP partition on it, and I've removed the file-system NTFS option from my kernel config file to try the ntfs.o module (and also recompiled userland to make the /usr/lkm/ntfs.o up to date). I must say this was my first attempt to try the ntfs module, I still can access NTFS partitions when compiling in NTFS filesytem.

After having rebooted under my new kernel with a new userland, issuing a modload ntfs.o seems to hang the box. If I switch to another vt, I can type my login, then I never get the password prompt. I have to  break into ddb and type reboot. After that, I have a ntfs executable file in /usr/lkm, next to ntfs.o.

Again, I don't know if ntfs module has ever worked, and compiling in ntfs support works. But procfs, fdesc and ext2fs modules load fine. Am I missing something ? Is ntfs module dependent on something I should modload before (e.g. msdosfs.o) ?

I can provide dmesg and/or kernel config if it helps.