Subject: Re: build failure on today's -current
To: Michael W . Lucas <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/05/2003 10:39:21
On Tue, Feb 04, 2003 at 11:41:21AM -0500, Michael W . Lucas wrote:
  | This is a test machine, so it's not urgent.  Google doesn't seem to
  | know about this error, so I thought I'd check here.
  | Installed 1.6, checked out current, followed example in BUILDING to
  | build and boot new kernel.

When you checked out current, did you use cvs, and if so, did you
forget to use "-P"?  If so, re-run "cvs update -P".

I have a hunch that this error is caused because you have two
"rcorder" and "chown" directories in your source tree because rcorder
(and possibly chown) have moved in the source tree at some stage in
the past, and one of those directories is empty.  "cvs -d" can cause
this without "-P".

  | Then do:
  | ./ -U -D /usr/build distribution
  | to build the updated world, and it dies with:
  | ...
  | rm -f rescue.conf rescue.conf.tmp
  | TARGETDIR=/usr/build/rescue LDD_CMD=ldd_elf NETBSDSRCDIR=/usr/src  CRUNCHBIN=rescue  CURDIR=/usr/src/rescue  DESTDIR=/usr/build  DISTRIBDIR=/usr/src/distrib  MACHINE=i386  MACHINE_ARCH=i386  OBJDIR=/usr/src/rescue/obj awk -f /usr/src/distrib/common/parselist.awk -v mode=crunch /usr/src/rescue/list /usr/src/rescue/list.fdisk /usr/src/rescue/list.ldconfig > rescue.conf.tmp  && mv rescue.conf.tmp rescue.conf
  | RESCUEDIR=/rescue MAKE=/usr/src/tools/obj/tools.NetBSD-1.6N-i386/bin/nbmake /usr/src/tools/obj/tools.NetBSD-1.6N-i386/bin/nbcrunchgen -f -D /usr/src -L /usr/build/usr/lib  -q  rescue.conf
  | rescue.conf: rcorder: error: no objpaths specified or calculated.
  | rescue.conf: chown: error: no objpaths specified or calculated.
  | rescue.conf: rcorder: ignoring program because of errors.
  | rescue.conf: chown: ignoring program because of errors.
  | Run "make -f objs exe" to build crunched binary.
  | Can I just safely do the specified "make" command, or does this
  | indicate some other problem?
  | ==ml
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  | Michael Lucas,
  |            Absolute BSD: