Subject: Re: Cross-building on FreeBSD 4.x
To: Jason R Thorpe <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/31/2003 18:58:48
> > . build - works but when postinstall checks are run PR 20061
> >   manifests, though it's harmless.  it's arguable that when building
> >   into DESTDIR != / postinstall checks should not be run anyway.
>Of course they *SHOULD* be.  I into diskless root arenas all
>the time.

bzzt.  there's a piece of code in /etc/postinstall that looks like

		for f in \
		    ${DEST_DIR}/etc/rc.conf \
		    ${DEST_DIR}/etc/rc.conf.d/${_rcis_name}; do
			[ -f "${f}" ] && . "${f}";

and if you load ${DEST_DIR}/etc/rc.conf, that'll load your real
/etc/defaults/rc.conf, which means you can get spurious results.

i don't have a real "solution" to this problem other than to note that
/etc/postinstall is only really useful for the host machine.

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