Subject: sys/dev/tc/if_le_tc.c 1.15-1.16 changes break scsi detection of rx23 device
To: None <,>
From: Markus W Kilbinger <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/28/2003 23:28:09

With the above mentioned changes to sys/dev/tc/if_le_tc.c (recent in
the 1.6 branch) my (additional) le1 device is initialized and works

  NetBSD 1.6_RC1 (XXX) #0: Tue Jan 28 22:25:40 MET 2003
  DEC 3000 - M300X, 175MHz, s/n
  8192 byte page size, 1 processor.
  le1 at tc0 slot 1 offset 0x0: address 08:00:2b:93:4d:29
  le1: 32 receive buffers, 8 transmit buffers

but the formerly detected scsi device (a scsi floppy drive):

  sd1 at scsibus0 target 1 lun 0: <DEC, RX23     (C) DEC, 0070> SCSI1 0/direct removable
  sd1: drive offline
  sd1: async, 8-bit transfers

is no longer detected (which changes the numbering of all following
scsi disks :-/).

Can anybody confirm and/or (better) explain this (mis)behavior!?