Subject: Re: Sempahore on NetBSD work or no ?
To: Zoltan ZSIDO <>
From: Nathan J. Williams <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/28/2003 13:09:24
Zoltan ZSIDO <> writes:

> If You try select(2) in a threaded application for example, it will cause
> alarm(3) signal to be delivered on event to the issuer thread if it runs
> on HP-UX or OSF/1, but will result different behaviour on Solaris.

Wow, that's bogus. That sounds like they tried to implement the
select() timeout with the alarm timer, and didn't get it quite
right. I'd believe older HP-UX had that problem, but OSF/1 (now Tru64)
generally has a solid threads implementation... 

> (Strictly speaking Solaris is closer to the standard, the others are nicer
> to the programmer, and needless to say all of them are compliant.)

Getting SIGALRM is better than getting the 0 timeout return? And is
compliant? I don't think so.

        - Nathan