Subject: Realtive release times for -current.
To: None <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/24/2003 18:54:13
These were all done a P4 (2.53GHz) with 1GB DDR333 and a 22GB IBM
IDE disk out of the same source pool (OBJ, DEST, and RELEASE dirs
were all empty):

i386    3772.5u 468.9s 1:32:48.56 76.1% 0+0k 7427+777528io 22447pf+37w
sparc   2978.4u 355.4s 1:15:10.86 73.9% 0+0k 4858+620949io 22844pf+11w
macppc  2894.6u 366.3s 1:13:22.55 74.0% 0+0k 5326+558970io 21989pf+25w
mvme68k 2231.6u 342.8s 1:00:16.75 71.1% 0+0k 4810+560757io 18652pf+91w
pmax    2019.7u 309.3s   56:08.85 69.1% 0+0k 4746+482406io 18988pf+81w
shark   1912.0u 316.3s   54:12.07 68.5% 0+0k 4728+503877io 21970pf+45w
vax     1720.6u 278.7s   48:06.09 69.2% 0+0k 4554+475832io 20047pf+ 0w

i386 takes so long because of the large number of kernels it builds.

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