Subject: Re: integrating PAM
To: None <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/23/2003 13:02:48
>> And I guess I'm having a hard problem understand your objection to a
>> BSD Auth PAM module.  You said, "I can't avoid dealing with PAM" ...
>> what exactly do you have to "deal" with?  You set up _one_ thing, then
>You don't understand. I want to avoid using PAM alltogether. I want to
>use better mechanisms, like checkpassword or BSD Auth _without_ PAM.

I understand that's what you want .... but what you haven't really
explained is why.  I mean, a PAM module that implements BSD Auth will
work for apps that today make PAM calls.  If you have your own code
that you want to convert, just make it do BSD Auth.  What, exactly, is
the problem?  As far as I can tell, it basically boils down to
"Applications that call PAM functions really chap my ass".