Subject: Re: your mail
To: Pat Foley <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/21/2003 21:07:19
>> The documentation on building the toolchain is similarly obscure.  If I 
>> think the tools haven't changed -- the usual case, if I haven't gone 
>> very long since the last time I build the world -- I *think* I need -T, 
>> but -t and -b seem to be in that space, too, though I *thinkI* I never 
>> want them...
>This also might be worth mentioning:
>If you _don't_ set TOOLDIR (with '-T' for instance) and you boot
>a new kernel before installing or perhaps even before building
>userland, then will ignore the old tools directory it
>created.  That one would have a name something like 
>"tools.NetBSD-1.6K-i386" but running the new kernel it's looking for 
>"tools.NetBSD-1.6L-i386".  See what I mean?  So it'll start
>right off building tools all over again.

it's twiggy enough to irk me to the point that i put

	TOOLDIR!=echo /usr/src/tools-`uname -m`

in my /etc/mk.conf.  it keeps me happy.

>Whether that suggests setting TOOLDIR is a good idea or not,
>I can't say.

sure it is!

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