Subject: Re: [ java RMID (jdk13/14) won't start]
To: Urban Boquist <>
From: Rasputin <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/16/2003 11:48:46
* Urban Boquist <> [0120 11:20]:

> Rasputin> rmid dies horribly, ...
> I get the same error as you on -current if I use the Suse 7.3 libs. If
> I switch back to the Suse 6.4 libs rmid seems to start up ok (although
> I'm not sure that it actually works).

Thanks, that's useful -  to be honest, I'm mainly just messing about.
It's technically possible to do the work of rmid in your own code, just
a bit of a mission..

> Another observation; from a quick glance at the ktrace it seems to do
> a lot of lstat64() calls. Wasn't there some problem with that and the
> linux emulation at around the time the Suse libs was upgraded to 7.3,
> which Christos(?)  fixed? My memory is very faint here...  In any
> case, the linux emulation may be a suspect.

I saw a lot of lstat64() on my end too, so that's a possibility.
I'd probably have more luck if I knew what file it was talking about...
might try it on FreeBSD for comparison. I also mailed the jini mailing
 list to see if anyone there might know what it's trying to do.

Thanks a lot!

  1680 rmid     NAMI  "/emul/linux/usr/pkg/java"
  1680 rmid     NAMI  "/usr/pkg/java"
  1680 rmid     RET   lstat64 0
  1680 rmid     CALL  lstat64(0xbfbf5c18,0xbfbf6c50)
  1680 rmid     NAMI  "/emul/linux/usr/pkg/java/sun-1.3.1"
  1680 rmid     NAMI  "/usr/pkg/java/sun-1.3.1"
  1680 rmid     RET   lstat64 0
  1680 rmid     CALL  stat64(0x8296b38,0xbfbf8dd8)
  1680 rmid     NAMI  "/emul/linux/usr/pkg/java/sun-1.3.1/classes"
  1680 rmid     NAMI  "/usr/pkg/java/sun-1.3.1/classes"
  1680 rmid     RET   stat64 -1 errno -2 No such file or directory
  1680 rmid     CALL  brk(0x82d4000)
  1680 rmid     RET   brk 137183232/0x82d4000
  1680 rmid     CALL  brk(0x82d9000)
  1680 rmid     RET   brk 137203712/0x82d9000
  1680 rmid     CALL  write(0x2,0xbfbf8144,0x36)
  1680 rmid     GIO   fd 2 wrote 54 bytes
       "Activation.main: an exception occurred: File too large"
  1680 rmid     RET   write 54/0x36

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