Subject: uvn_fp1 hang
To: None <>
From: Paul Ripke <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/16/2003 18:05:06
I have been mucking with raid and ffs parameters, using three vnd 
devices of
1 GB each, on three different wd drives. Setting up a 3-disk RAID5 set, 
etc. Last night, while unpacking a gcc source distribution onto my 
mounted RAID set, I hung up quite solid. After taking a dump and 
I notice xps reports the following "interesting" process states:

0xcb893424  6379        4  4         0xc04023d0 cron (flt_pmfail2)
0xcb6997c0  6377     4006  4         0xc04023d0 pax (uvn_fp1)
0xcb893244  6349    20204  3         0xc07460d4 raidio0 (raidiow)
0xcb7fc998  6348    20204  3         0xc04023d0 raid0 (km_getwait2)
0xcb5a53e4   474     4006  4         0xc04023d0 top (flt_noram5)
0xcb516b5c   451      105  4         0xc04023d0 screen-3.9.11 
0xcb51601c   288        4  4         0xc04023d0 cron (flt_noram3)

The box is i386, 128 MB RAM running -current kernel as of around 
Is this a case of PR #12384? Or something vaguely similar?

Paul Ripke
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