Subject: formatting usb floppy?
To: None <>
From: Daniel Carosone <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/14/2003 10:28:39
I have a usb floppy drive, which is smaller and neater than the
modular-bay one for my laptop.  Apart from other issues I'm having
with this specific drive (i can read but not write) I'm curious
how to format floppies in such devices.

fdformat uses fd-specific ioctl's. 

scsictl format gives:

/dev/sd0d: Check Condition on CDB: 03 00 00 00 20 00
    SENSE KEY: No Additional Sense
     ASC/ASCQ: No Additional Sense Information

Is there an "official" answer?  It's not something I need to do
right now, but seems to be a functional gap at the moment.

The drive is sd0 at atapibus1 drive 0: <TEAC, FD-05PUB, 1026> disk removable