Subject: Confused compiling -current
To: None <>
From: Daniel Bolgheroni <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/08/2003 01:22:00
I was reading the "Tracking NetBSD-current FAQ" and I saw I must compile
kernel before any new libs.

"When upgrading to a more recent version of -current you should always
compile and boot a new kernel before installing any new libs (*)."

OK, but reading the Kernel FAQ, I became confused:

"Sometimes, binaries and/or libraries need to be updated before you will
be able to build -current on a release."

So, when I want to compile -current over a -release, I must compile
binaries and libraries first, and when I want to compile a newer -current
over an older -current, I must compile the newer kernel first. Am I right,
or am I still confused?

Another question:

I'm updating to -current over a -release. I downloaded the entire source
tree in /usr/src via anoncvs and tried to compile the -current kernel
first (if I understood well, I'm wrong, because to update to -current over
a -release, I must compile binaries and libraries first). When I "config
GENERIC", I get this error:

bash-2.05# config GENERIC
../../../../netinet6/files.netipsec:4: syntax error
../../../../conf/files:171: syntax error
../../../../conf/files:219: syntax error
../../../../conf/files:409: undefined attribute `wlan'
../../../../conf/files:415: undefined attribute `wlan'
*** Stop.

Is it because I'm trying to use the -release "config" with the newer
-current kernel?

Thank you.