Subject: Re: ACPI fdc
To: John Franklin <>
From: Jared D. McNeill <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/06/2003 01:13:40
John Franklin wrote:

>The ACPI stuff is looking good so far.  Of the currently supported
>devices, the only one I can't get to initialize is the fdc which
>complains "Error: Method execution failed" (see dmesg below for more
Hrm, fdc_acpi is losing trying to discover the resources (i/o, irq, drq) 
of your floppy disk controller.
  1. Are you running the latest revision of your BIOS?
  2. Stupid question, but is the FDC enabled in the BIOS?

>Oh, and shouldn't the mouse attach at pckbc0 (aux port) instead of the
>aux slot of pckbc1?  Everything works, but that particular dmesg section
>reads weird.
pckbc(4) currently relies on resources handed to us from two separate 
ACPI nodes. The current attachment is a hack; it does the same thing 
that pckbc at pnpbios does (which unfortunately seems to mean that if a 
PS/2 mouse isn't plugged in, the keyboard won't work).

>How hard would it be to get the USB controller to attach via ACPI?  I've
>never been able to get the USB on this to work in MP mode except under
>Win2K.  Others on this list have speculated that Windows may be
>configuring it via ACPI.  I'd like to test this theory.
USB will still attach to pci; however, support will hopefully be there 
soon to setup PCI interrupt routing via ACPI and this should fix your 
problem. In the meantime, can you try adding the 'PCIBIOS' collection of 
options to your config? My ThinkPad 600E requires them for the Cardbus 
controller to work properly with the current ACPI code.