Subject: Re: chrooted bind-8.3.4 problem ("can't make tmpfile...")
To: Andrew Brown <>
From: Rhialto <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/05/2003 19:52:10
On Sun 05 Jan 2003 at 13:36:43 -0500, Andrew Brown wrote:
> in your named.conf, you presumably have a line that says
> 	directory "/etc/namedb";
> or something like that.  named is probably trying to create this
> file somewhere under there.  probably in the
> same directory as the file.  are you secondarying

Ah yes that is another obvious location. I do indeed have that directory
configured, and I notice there is a writable "cache" directory in there.
I'll try to move the file in there.

> from somewhere?  is the directory into which named has
> been configured to store secondary zone files writeable by named?

Not when not running as root, I notice. With that move this should be
fixed. Thanks for the tips.

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