Subject: Re: usb umass quirks vs. SCSI quirks
To: Rhialto <>
From: Lennart Augustsson <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/31/2002 01:47:15
Rhialto wrote:

>The camera has some quirk entries in usb/umass_quirks.c, for instance
>UMASS_QUIRK_NO_START_STOP, but the function that sends START UNIT commands,
>scsipi_base.c:scsipi_start() looks only at (periph->periph_quirks &
>PQUIRK_NOSTARTUNIT). This seems to be another universe of quirks yet
>they seem to intend the same thing.
Yes, it seems to be a mistake that there is a UMASS_QUIRK_NO_START_STOP
since that already exists as a SCSI quirk.

The umass_quirks.c table contains both SCSI and USB quirks, so you could try
adding PQUIRK_NOSTARTUNIT to the FinePix entry.

    -- Lennart