Subject: Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in November 2002
To: None <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/29/2002 23:53:11
Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in November 2002

By my calculations, at the end of November 2002, there were 3327
packages in the NetBSD Packages Collection, up from 3269 the previous
month, a rise of 58.

Notable additions to the packages collection include:  9e, aap, aegis,
ami, bib2xml, bsetroot, btparse, bug-buddy, emacs-dict-client, eog,
gal2, gbib, gcalctool, gconf-editor, gedit, ggv, gnome-panel,
gnome2-libole2, gtoolkit, gtoolkit-examples, gturing, hackbot, hnb,
i2cb, i2cbd, ispell-russian, lgeneral, lgeneral-data, libcomprex,
libgtop2, lmclock, makeself, mozilla-linux, mudsh, netbsd32_compat16,
openbox, pdksh, pkgdepgraph, py-kqueue, rmail-mime, splint, sysbuild,
tdb, vcdimager-devel, whiteBOX, wonka, xpdf-hebrew,
zope25-AbracadabraObject, zope25-Calendar, zope25-CMFPlone,
zope25-colorz, zope25-FileSystemSite, zope25-MetaPublisher,
zope25-Photo, zope25-PropertyFolder, zope25-PropertyObject,
zope25-ZMySQLDA, zope25-ZWeather

Notable updates include:  aalib-x11, adzap, anjuta, ap-gzip, ap-ssl,
apache, apache6, arla, arts, audacity, autoconf, automake, bidwatcher,
bind4, bins, bmf, bonobo-activation, bozohttpd, cdrdao,
cdrecord-devel, check, cpuflags, createbuildlink, cups, curl,
cyrus-sasl, dctc, dc_gui, ddskk, dict-client, dict-server, dinotrace,
doxygen, evolution, fileutils, findutils, freetds, frotz, fvwm2,
galeon, gap, gauche, gcc-ssp, gcdmaster, gdcd, gerbv, gftp,
gimp-print, glchess, glib2, gmake, gmplayer, gnet, gnome-vfs2,
gnumeric, gnupg, gnuplot, gnustep-back, gnustep-gui, gpgme, grepmail,
gtexinfo, gtk-gnutella, gtk2, guspatches, gv, hdf5, imap-uw, ipa,
jikes, joos, kakasi, kdbg, kde, kdeaddons, kdeadmin, kdeartwork,
kdebase, kdeedu, kdegames, kdegraphics, kdelibdocs, kdelibs,
kdemultimedia, kdenetwork, kdepim, kdesdk, kdetoys, kdeutils,
kdevelop, kdevelop-base, ketm, kile, koffice, koffice3, latex-mk,
less, libao, libart2, libbonobo, libglade, libgnomecanvas,
libgnomeprint, libgnomeprintui, libnasl, libxml2, libxslt, linc,
links, links-gui, logsurfer, lsof, matchbox, mencoder, micq,
mimedefang, monafonts, mplayer, mplayer-share, mrtg, mserv, Mule-UCS,
naim, nessus, nessus-core, nessus-libraries, nessus-plugins, netcat,
netsaint-plugins, nmh, nxtvepg, odbc-postgresql, opera6, ORBit2,
ORBit2, oss, p5-Module-Dependency, p5-Net-DNS, p5-razor-agents,
p5-Test-Harness, p5-Test-Simple, p5-Text-CSV-Hash, p5-XML-Node,
palmos-includes, pan, pango, phoenix, phoenix-linux, php3, php4,
php4-bcmath, php4-bz2, php4-calendar, php4-dba, php4-dbase,
php4-domxml, php4-filepro, php4-ftp, php4-gd, php4-gettext, php4-gmp,
php4-imap, php4-ldap, php4-mbstring, php4-mcrypt, php4-mhash,
php4-mysql, php4-odbc, php4-pcre, php4-pdflib, php4-pgsql, php4-posix,
php4-session, php4-snmp, php4-sockets, php4-sysvsem, php4-sysvshm,
php4-wddx, php4-xml, php4-xslt, php4-yp, php4-zlib, pilrc, pkgchk,
pkg_tarup, popt, postgresql, postgresql-client, postgresql-docs,
postgresql-lib, postgresql-plperl, postgresql-pltcl,
postgresql-server, prc-tools, pth, ptl2, py-amkCrypto, py-curl,
py-HappyDoc, py-Numeric, python20, python22, qt3, qt3-docs, qt3-libs,
qt3-tools, ratpoison, rocksndiamonds, rp-pppoe, rpm2cpio, ruby-base,
ruby-rd-mode, ruby-rdtool, samba, scmxx, scrollkeeper, SDL, SDL-mixer,
sendfile, sendmail, sendmail88, simh, slib, snort, socks5,
spamassassin, squid, squirrelmail, standalone-tcsh, suse_base,
suse_devel, sylpheed, sylpheed-claws, tcl-postgresql, tightvnc,
tightvncviewer, tk-postgresql, tnef, tuxpaint, tuxpaint-stamps, unrar,
url2pkg, verilog-current, vmware-module, w3, wine, www6to4, x2vnc,
xemacs-current, xemacs-packages, xlHtml, xmms, xmms-crossfade,
xmms-mad, xpmroot, xscrabble, xscreensaver, xscreensaver-gnome, xv,
zope25-XMLWidgets, zope25-ZWiki

The Package of the Month award goes to:  pkgsrc/lang/wonka, a
BSD-licensed Java2 JVM, from those fine people at Acunia
(, nominated by myself.  Right now, Nick Hudson
has made it work for i386 and arm, but I'm sure there are people
queuing up to do other platforms.  The software itself is very
well-written, with a very good layering, and is of the highest

Alistair Crooks
Sun Dec 29 22:22:53 GMT 2002

Packages added to the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Added 9e-1.0 [cjep 2002-11-18]
Package URL:
Comment: Explode Plan9 archives

	Added aap-0.104 [cjep 2002-11-18]
Package URL:
Comment: make(1) replacement

	Added aegis-4.9 [mrg 2002-11-08]
Package URL:
Comment: Aegis is a transaction base software configuration management system

	Added ami-1.0.11 [itojun 2002-11-12]
Package URL:
Comment: Korean input method

	Added bib2xml-20021006 [rh 2002-11-01]
Package URL:
Comment: BibTeX to XML converter

	Added bsetroot-0.1 [jschauma 2002-11-20]
Package URL:
Comment: tools to set the root windows background

	Added btparse-0.33 [rh 2002-11-01]
Package URL:
Comment: BibTeX parsing library

	Added bug-buddy-2.2.0 [rh 2002-11-02]
Package URL:
Comment: graphical GNOME2 bug reporting tool

	Added emacs-dict-client-1.8.2 [tron 2002-11-20]
Package URL:
Comment: Emacs package for talking to a dictionary server

	Added eog-1.0.3 as eog2 [rh 2002-11-02]
Package URL:
Comment: Eye of GNOME: an image viewing and cataloging program

	Added gal2-0.0.7 [rh 2002-11-02]
Package URL:
Comment: GNOME2 Application Libraries

	Added gbib-0.1.1b [rh 2002-11-02]
Package URL:
Comment: user-friendly editor and browser for BibTeX databases

	Added gcalctool-4.1.0 [rh 2002-11-02]
Package URL:
Comment: gtk2+ version of calctool

	Added gconf-editor-0.3.1 [rh 2002-11-02]
Package URL:
Comment: Editor for the GConf configuration system

	Added gedit-2.0.5 [rh 2002-11-03]
Package URL:
Comment: lightweight GNOME2 text editor

	Added ggv-1.99.95 as ggv2 [rh 2002-11-03]
Package URL:
Comment: GNOME frontend for GhostScript

	Added gnome-panel-2.0.10 [rh 2002-11-04]
Package URL:
Comment: GNOME2 panel application

	Added gnome2-libole2-2.2.8 [rh 2002-11-04]
Package URL:
Comment: OLE2 streams parsing library for GNOME2

	Added gtoolkit-0.9.5 [rh 2002-11-09]
Package URL:
Comment: Objective-C interface to the GTK+ widget set

	Added gtoolkit-examples-0.9.5 [rh 2002-11-09]
Package URL:
Comment: Objective-C examples for GToolKit

	Added gturing-0.1.1 [rh 2002-11-04]
Package URL:
Comment: GNOME2 turing machine emulator

	Added hackbot-2.15 [pooka 2002-11-26]
Package URL:
Comment: Vulnerability scanner written in Perl

	Added hnb-1.8.1 [jmmv 2002-11-29]
Package URL:
Comment: Hierarchical data organizer

	Added i2cb-6.0_ALPHA [hubertf 2002-11-14]
Package URL:
Comment: Next generation Internet Citicen's Band chat client

	Added i2cbd-2.0_BETA0 [hubertf 2002-11-14]
Package URL:
Comment: Next generation Internet Citicen's Band chat server

	Added ispell-russian-0.99.3 [jschauma 2002-11-19]
Package URL:
Comment: Russian (KOI8-R) ispell dictonary from Alexander Lebedev

	Added lgeneral-1.1.1 [wiz 2002-11-15]
Package URL:
Comment: Panzer General play-a-like, uses Panzer General data files

	Added lgeneral-data-1.1.3 [wiz 2002-11-15]
Package URL:
Comment: Panzer General data files for lgeneral

	Added libcomprex-0.3.2 [cjep 2002-11-18]
Package URL:
Comment: Library to handle (de)compression of files

	Added libgtop2-2.0.0 [rh 2002-11-04]
Package URL:
Comment: library to retrieve system information, used in GNOME2

	Added lmclock-1.0 [is 2002-11-08]
Package URL:
Comment: hard-coded Xerox Lisp machine clock clone

	Added makeself-1.5.3 [cjep 2002-11-18]
Package URL:
Comment: neat script to make self-extracting archives

	Added mozilla-linux-1.2rc1 [grant 2002-11-10]
Package URL:
Comment: Open-source version of the Netscape browser (binary pkg)

	Added mudsh-20010311 [cjep 2002-11-18]
Package URL:
Comment: M.U.D. game-like shell

	Added netbsd32_compat16-1.0 [mrg 2002-11-08]
Package URL:
Comment: 32-bit shared libraries for NetBSD 1.6 (and earlier) compatibility

	Added openbox-2.2.0 [jschauma 2002-11-20]
Package URL:
Comment: Window manager based on Blackbox

	Added pdksh-5.2.14 [schmonz 2002-11-28]
Package URL:
Comment: Free clone of the AT&T Korn shell

	Added pkgdepgraph-1.0 [atatat 2002-11-07]
Package URL:
Comment: Visual representation of installed NetBSD packages

	Added py-kqueue-2.0 [jdolecek 2002-11-24]
Package URL:
Comment: Python interface to kqueue(2) and kevent(2) system calls

	Added rmail-mime-1.13.0 [jschauma 2002-11-26]
Package URL:
Comment: MIME-capabilities for RMAIL in Emacs

	Added splint- [mjl 2002-11-27]
Package URL:
Comment: Statically check C programs

	Added sysbuild-1.0 [jmmv 2002-11-28]
Package URL:
Comment: Automate NetBSD system and kernel unprivileged builds

	Added tdb-1.0.6 [jmmv 2002-11-29]
Package URL: /usr/pkgsrc/local/tdb/README.html
Comment: Small database system which uses files to store data

	Added vcdimager-devel-0.7.12 [wiz 2002-11-25]
Package URL:
Comment: mastering suite for Video CDs

	Added whiteBOX-0.4.2 [jschauma 2002-11-20]
Package URL:
Comment: Multi-purpose configuration tool for Blackbox

	Added wonka-0.9.4 [skrll 2002-11-01]
Package URL:
Comment: BSD-licenced java virtual machine

	Added xpdf-hebrew-20021022 [wiz 2002-11-08]
Package URL:
Comment: xpdf support files for Hebrew

	Added zope25-AbracadabraObject-1.4.0 [drochner 2002-11-14]
Package URL:
Comment: pre-configured objects with only one click

	Added zope25-Calendar-1.0.10 [drochner 2002-11-14]
Package URL:
Comment: the Calendar Tag

	Added zope25-CMFPlone-1.0beta3 [drochner 2002-11-14]
Package URL:
Comment: Content Management System

	Added zope25-colorz-1.0b2 [drochner 2002-11-29]
Package URL:
Comment: color management tool

	Added zope25-FileSystemSite-1.1 [drochner 2002-11-29]
Package URL:
Comment: store data in the file system instead of ZODB

	Added zope25-MetaPublisher-1.2.8 [drochner 2002-11-14]
Package URL:
Comment: data table and access form tool

	Added zope25-Photo-1.2.3 [drochner 2002-11-14]
Package URL:
Comment: Photo object and Photo Folder object

	Added zope25-PropertyFolder-1.10 [drochner 2002-11-14]
Package URL:
Comment: the folderish friend of the PropertyObject

	Added zope25-PropertyObject-1.10 [drochner 2002-11-14]
Package URL:
Comment: building database-applications with the ZMI

	Added zope25-ZMySQLDA-2.0.8 [drochner 2002-11-15]
Package URL:
Comment: MySQL Database adaptor for Zope

	Added zope25-ZWeather-0.0.1 [drochner 2002-11-14]
Package URL:
Comment: display the weather in a pleasant format

Updates to Packages in the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Updated 2vcard to 0.4 [jschauma 2002-11-28]
	Updated a2ps to [jmmv 2002-11-26]
	Updated a2ps to [tron 2002-11-28]
	Updated aap to 0.107 [cjep 2002-11-23]
	Updated aide to 0.9 [jschauma 2002-11-13]
	Updated amaya to 6.4 [reinoud 2002-11-19]
	Updated ap-ssl to 2.8.12nb1 [jlam 2002-11-19]
	Updated ap2-perl to 1.99.7 [jlam 2002-11-19]
	Updated apache to 1.3.27nb2 [martti 2002-11-15]
	Updated apache to 1.3.27nb3 [martti 2002-11-18]
	Updated apache6 to 1.3.27nb1 [martti 2002-11-15]
	Updated apache6 to 1.3.27nb2 [martti 2002-11-18]
	Updated aperture to 2.0nb4 [tron 2002-11-10]
	Updated apr-devel to 0.20021123173453 [wiz 2002-11-25]
	Updated apsfilter to 7.2.2nb2 [jmmv 2002-11-26]
	Updated atari800 to 1.2.4 [wiz 2002-11-21]
	Updated autoconf to 2.56 [wiz 2002-11-15]
	Updated autotrace to 0.29nb2 [wiz 2002-11-13]
	Updated bash to 2.05.2 [schmonz 2002-11-25]
	Updated bash-doc to 2.05.2 [schmonz 2002-11-25]
	Updated BasiliskII to 0.9.1nb1 [wiz 2002-11-09]
	Updated bind4 to 4.9.10nb1 [itojun 2002-11-14]
	Updated bind4 to 4.9.11 [itojun 2002-11-17]
	Updated bind8 to 8.3.3nb1 [itojun 2002-11-14]
	Updated bind8 to 8.3.4 [itojun 2002-11-17]
	Updated bind9-current to, for 9.3.0s20021113 [itojun 2002-11-13]
	Updated bmake to 3.1.14 [sjg 2002-11-26]
	Updated bmake to 3.1.15 [sjg 2002-11-30]
	Updated bozohttpd to 20021106 [mrg 2002-11-06]
	Updated bpalogin to 2.0.1nb1 [grant 2002-11-21]
	Updated buildtool to 0.7 [jmmv 2002-11-30]
	Updated choparp to 20021107 [itojun 2002-11-09]
	Updated coda-client to [wiz 2002-11-01]
	Updated coda-server to [wiz 2002-11-01]
	Updated cook to 2.21 [mrg 2002-11-11]
	Updated cpuflags to 0.37 [abs 2002-11-02]
	Updated cue to 20021021 [itojun 2002-11-09]
	Updated cvs to 1.11.2 [hubertf 2002-11-24]
	Updated cvs2p4 to 2.3.3 [schmonz 2002-11-22]
	Updated cyrus-imapd to 2.0.16nb2 [seb 2002-11-04]
	Updated cyrus-imapd to 2.0.16nb3 [seb 2002-11-04]
	Updated cyrus-imapd21 to 2.1.9nb1 [seb 2002-11-15]
	Updated cyrus-sasl2 to 2.1.9nb1 [seb 2002-11-14]
	Updated cyrus-sasl2 to 2.1.9nb2 [chris 2002-11-23]
	Updated db to 2.7.7nb1 [jlam 2002-11-18]
	Updated dctc to 0.83.7 [wiz 2002-11-03]
	Updated dctc to 0.83.8 [wiz 2002-11-11]
	Updated dc_gui to 0.64 [wiz 2002-11-03]
	Updated dc_gui to 0.65 [wiz 2002-11-11]
	Updated ddskk to 20021124 [taca 2002-11-30]
	Updated dejagnu to 1.4.3nb1 [kristerw 2002-11-25]
	Updated dillo to 0.6.6nb1 [jmmv 2002-11-26]
	Updated dlcompat to 20021117 [schmonz 2002-11-19]
	Updated edb to 1.0.3 [rh 2002-11-08]
	Fixed ettercap- [atatat 2002-11-06]
	Updated ettercap to 0.6.7 [agc 2002-11-19]
	Updated feh to 1.2.2 [rh 2002-11-08]
	Updated fetchmail to 6.1.2 [frueauf 2002-11-06]
	Updated fetchmailconf to 6.1.2 [frueauf 2002-11-06]
	Updated findutils to 4.1nb2 [tron 2002-11-29]
	Updated flac to 1.0.4 [lukem 2002-11-11]
	Updated flac-xmms to 1.0.4 [lukem 2002-11-15]
	Updated fltk to 1.0.11nb1 [jlam 2002-11-25]
	Updated fluxbox to 0.1.12 [jmcneill 2002-11-10]
	Updated fly to 1.6.5nb2 [tron 2002-11-28]
	Updated fvwm2 to 2.4.13 [martti 2002-11-03]
	Updated gaim to 0.59.3nb1 [atatat 2002-11-06]
	Updated gdbm to 1.8.3 [wiz 2002-11-01]
	Updated gdbm_primitive to 1.15nb1 [wiz 2002-11-01]
	Updated gerbv to 0.11 [dmcmahill 2002-11-21]
	Updated gettext to 0.11.5 [drochner 2002-11-27]
	Updated gimp-print to 4.2.4 [drochner 2002-11-27]
	Updated gkrellm to 1.2.11nb2 [fredb 2002-11-07]
	Updated glib2 to 2.0.7 [wiz 2002-11-15]
	Updated gmplayer to 0.90rc10 [wiz 2002-11-13]
	Updated gnome-session to 2.0.8 [rh 2002-11-04]
	Updated gnomeicu to 0.96nb3 [wiz 2002-11-01]
	Updated gnupg to 1.2.1nb1 [chris 2002-11-24]
	Updated gpgme to 0.3.13 [chris 2002-11-24]
	Updated gphoto 0.4.3nb2 [tron 2002-11-28]
	Updated gprolog to 1.2.16 [jschauma 2002-11-13]
	Updated grepmail to 4.80nb1 [seb 2002-11-01]
	Updated gtar, gtar-base and gtar-info to 1.13.25 [bouyer 2002-11-20]
	Updated gtexinfo to 4.3 [seb 2002-11-17]
	Updated gtexinfo to 4.3nb1 [seb 2002-11-23]
	Updated gtk-gnutella to 0.91.1 [jschauma 2002-11-25]
	Updated gtk2 to 2.0.8 [wiz 2002-11-15]
	Updated gtk2 to 2.0.9 [wiz 2002-11-29]
	Updated hanterm to 3.1.6nb1 [junyoung 2002-11-02]
	Updated htmllint to 20021103 [jschauma 2002-11-22]
	Updated hypermail to 2.1.4nb1 [wiz 2002-11-01]
	Updated icepref to 1.1nb1 [wiz 2002-11-24]
	Updated icewm to 1.2.0nb1 [grant 2002-11-21]
	Updated id3lib to 3.8.2 [schmonz 2002-11-26]
	Updated ImageMagick to [wiz 2002-11-13]
	Updated ImageMagick to [wiz 2002-11-13]
	Updated imlib to 1.9.14nb2 [jmmv 2002-11-26]
	Updated ipv6calc to 0.44 [hubertf 2002-11-04]
	Updated ircII to 20021103 [mrg 2002-11-15]
	Updated irssi to 0.8.5nb1 [grant 2002-11-21]
	Updated isakmpd to 20021118 [martti 2002-11-18]
	Updated ispell-catalan to 1.0 [jschauma 2002-11-19]
	Updated ispell-german to 20021114 [wiz 2002-11-15]
	Updated ispell-slovak to 0.1.10 [salo 2002-11-19]
	Updated jasper to 1.600.0 [dillo 2002-11-12]
	Updated jasper to 1.600.0nb1 [dillo 2002-11-13]
	Updated kannel to 1.2.1 [martti 2002-11-05]
	Updated kde to 1.1.2nb2 [wiz 2002-11-01]
	Updated kde2 to 2.2.2nb4 [wiz 2002-11-01]
	Updated kde3 to 3.0.4nb1 [wiz 2002-11-01]
	Updated kdenetwork to 1.1.2nb2 [wiz 2002-11-01]
	Updated kdenetwork2 to 2.2.2nb3 [wiz 2002-11-01]
	Updated kdenetwork3 to 3.0.4nb1 [wiz 2002-11-01]
	Updated LaBrea to 2.3 [wiz 2002-11-05]
	Updated libbonoboui to [jmmv 2002-11-26]
	Updated libgtop to 1.0.13 [rh 2002-11-04]
	Updated librep to 0.15.1nb2 [wiz 2002-11-01]
	Updated libsidplay to 1.36.57 [pooka 2002-11-23]
	Updated libtool to 1.4.20010614nb10 [grant 2002-11-17]
	Updated libusb to 0.1.7 [schmonz 2002-11-18]
	Updated libwmf to 0.2.7 [wiz 2002-11-15]
	Updated libwww to w3c-libwww-5.4.0 [reinoud 2002-11-19]
	Updated links to [wiz 2002-11-03]
	Updated links to [wiz 2002-11-04]
	Updated links to [wiz 2002-11-11]
	Updated links-gui to [wiz 2002-11-03]
	Updated links-gui to [wiz 2002-11-04]
	Updated links-gui to [wiz 2002-11-11]
	Updated lmclock to 1.1 [is 2002-11-08]
	Updated lynx to [itojun 2002-11-25]
	Updated make_album to 1.6nb3 [wiz 2002-11-13]
	Updated mencoder to 0.90rc10 [wiz 2002-11-13]
	Updated mhash to 0.8.17 [jschauma 2002-11-13]
	Updated mp3blaster to 3.1.3 [jschauma 2002-11-22]
	Updated mplayer to 0.90rc10 [wiz 2002-11-13]
	Updated mplayer-share to 0.90rc10 [wiz 2002-11-13]
	Updated mplex to 1.6.0 [wiz 2002-11-23]
	Updated mrtg to [martti 2002-11-18]
	Updated mrtg to [martti 2002-11-19]
	Updated mrtg to [tron 2002-11-28]
	Updated mserv_irman to 0.16 [abs 2002-11-21]
	Updated mutt to 1.4nb2 [jmmv 2002-11-27]
	Updated namazu2 to 2.0.12nb1 [taca 2002-11-30]
	Updated nas to 1.6 [markd 2002-11-28]
	Updated neon to 0.23.5 [wiz 2002-11-25]
	Updated normalize to 0.7.6 [kim 2002-11-29]
	Updated ntop2 to 2.1nb1 [wiz 2002-11-01]
	Updated nxtvepg to 2.4.0 [magick 2002-11-24]
	Updated onyx to 4.1.0 [mrg 2002-11-11]
	Updated opencm to 0.1.0rc18pl2 [jmmv 2002-11-26]
	Updated opera6 to 6.10nb1 [tron 2002-11-12]
	Updated ORBit to 0.5.15nb2 [jlam 2002-11-26]
	Updated p5-gdbm to 1.05nb1 [wiz 2002-11-01]
	Updated p5-PerlMagick to [wiz 2002-11-13]
	Updated p5-PerlMagick to [wiz 2002-11-13]
	Updated p5-Time-HiRes to 1.38 [heinz 2002-11-15]
	Updated pdksh to 5.2.14nb1 [jlam 2002-11-28]
	Updated php4-dba to 4.2.3nb1 [wiz 2002-11-01]
	Updated php4-mbstring to 4.2.3nb1 [taca 2002-11-30]
	Updated pkgconfig to 0.14.0 [wiz 2002-11-04]
	Updated pkgdiff to 0.107 [wiz 2002-11-04]
	Updated pkglint to 3.37 [wiz 2002-11-14]
	Updated pkg_install to 20021123 [jschauma 2002-11-23]
	Updated png to 1.2.5 [fredb 2002-11-06]
	Updated polsms to 1.8.9inb1 [wiz 2002-11-01]
	Updated popa3d to 0.5.9nb1 [dillo 2002-11-07]
	Updated postfix to 1.1.12 [martti 2002-11-24]
	Updated postgresql_autodoc to 1.01 [mjl 2002-11-26]
	Updated psiconv to 0.8.2nb4 [wiz 2002-11-13]
	Updated psutils to 1.17nb1 [jmmv 2002-11-26]
	Updated pth to 1.4.1nb6 [skrll 2002-11-26]
	Updated pvm to 3.4.4 [is 2002-11-09]
	Updated py-FourSuite to 0.12.0a3 [drochner 2002-11-27]
	Updated py-gdbm to 0nb1 [wiz 2002-11-01]
	Updated racoon to 20021120a [itojun 2002-11-20]
	Updated reed to 5.4 [wiz 2002-11-09]
	Updated rioutil to 1.2.1 [schmonz 2002-11-26]
	Updated rsynth to 2.0nb1 [wiz 2002-11-01]
	Updated ruby-gdbm to 1.6.7nb1 [wiz 2002-11-01]
	Updated samba to 2.2.7 [martti 2002-11-21]
	Updated screen to 3.9.13 [hubertf 2002-11-04]
	Updated SDL to 1.2.5nb1 [atatat 2002-11-06]
	Updated sidplay to 1.0.9 [pooka 2002-11-23]
	Updated silc-client to 0.9.8 [salo 2002-11-21]
	Updated silc-server to 0.9.8 [salo 2002-11-21]
	Updated simh to 2.10-beta2nb2 (xq beta5) [thorpej 2002-11-06]
	Updated sjeng to 11.0nb1 [wiz 2002-11-01]
	Updated sox to 12.17.3nb1 [wiz 2002-11-25]
	Updated spamassassin to 2.43nb1 [heinz 2002-11-06]
	Updated Speex to 0.99.3 [wiz 2002-11-11]
	Updated squid to 2.5.1nb1 [taca 2002-11-24]
	Updated squid to 2.5.2nb1 [taca 2002-11-25]
	Updated subversion to 0.3687 [wiz 2002-11-25]
	Updated sylpheed to 0.8.6 [chris 2002-11-20]
	Updated sylpheed to 0.8.6nb1 [chris 2002-11-24]
	Updated sysbuild to 1.1 [jmmv 2002-11-30]
	Updated tamago to 20020909 [taca 2002-11-23]
	Updated tcl-gdbm to 0.8nb1 [wiz 2002-11-01]
	Updated tcl-scotty to 2.1.11 [jwise 2002-11-25]
	Updated tidy to 20021108 [jschauma 2002-11-22]
	Updated tin to 1.4.6 [wiz 2002-11-06]
	Updated tkined to 1.4.11 [jwise 2002-11-25]
	Updated tmda to 0.63 [schmonz 2002-11-11]
	Updated tmda to 0.64 [kim 2002-11-14]
	Updated vcdimager to 0.7.12 [wiz 2002-11-23]
	Updated vile to 9.3 [agc 2002-11-27]
	Updated w3m to [itojun 2002-11-28]
	Updated wget to 1.7nb2 [grant 2002-11-21]
	Updated win32-codecs to 020909 [wiz 2002-11-16]
	Updated windowmaker to 0.80.2 [tron 2002-11-21]
	Updated wine to 20021031 [wiz 2002-11-15]
	Updated wv to 0.7.2nb1 [wiz 2002-11-04]
	Updated wv to 0.7.2nb2 [wiz 2002-11-13]
	Updated wv to 0.7.4 [wiz 2002-11-15]
	Updated wwwoffle to 2.7f [fredb 2002-11-08]
	Updated xchat to 1.8.0nb1 [tron 2002-11-24]
	Updated xchat to 1.8.10nb2 [tron 2002-11-29]
	Updated xchat-gnome to 1.8.0nb1 [tron 2002-11-24]
	Updated xchat-gnome to 1.8.10nb2 [tron 2002-11-29]
	Updated xemacs to 21.1.14nb4 [wiz 2002-11-01]
	Updated xemacs-current to 21.5.9nb1 [wiz 2002-11-01]
	Updated xfce to 3.8.18 [martti 2002-11-12]
	Updated xfmail to 1.4.7nb2 [wiz 2002-11-01]
	Updated xmame to 0.61.1 [kristerw 2002-11-14]
	Updated xpdf to 2.00 [dillo 2002-11-08]
	Updated xpdf-chinese-simplified to 20020617 [wiz 2002-11-08]
	Updated xpdf-latin2 to 20021022 [wiz 2002-11-08]
	Updated xpmroot to 2.4.13 [martti 2002-11-03]
	Updated xscreensaver to 4.06nb1 [wiz 2002-11-06]
	Updated xscreensaver-gnome to 4.06nb1 [wiz 2002-11-06]
	Updated xvile to 9.3 [agc 2002-11-27]
	Updated yafc to 0.7.10 [markd 2002-11-29]
	Updated zope25-AbracadabraObject to 1.5.0 [drochner 2002-11-27]
	Updated zope25-Formulator to 1.3.0 [drochner 2002-11-27]
	Updated zope25-PropertyFolder to 1.2.1 [drochner 2002-11-27]
	Updated zope25-PropertyObject to 1.2.1 [drochner 2002-11-27]
	Updated zope25-Silva to 0.8.5 [drochner 2002-11-14]
	Updated zope25-Silva to [drochner 2002-11-29]
	Updated zope25-ZPhotoSlides to 0.5 [drochner 2002-11-14]
	Updated zope25-ZPhotoSlides to 0.6 [drochner 2002-11-27]

Other Changes to Packages in the NetBSD Packages Collection

	libxml2: Downgraded to 2.4.25 [tron 2002-11-06]
	libxslt: Downgraded to 1.0.21 [tron 2002-11-06]
	vcdimager: Downgraded to 0.6.2 [wiz 2002-11-25]