Subject: 40x CD-R without UDMA?
To: None <>
From: Daniel Carosone <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/17/2002 10:54:42
I had a rather urgent need to burn some CD's last week, and the
most readily available burner was in the random pc shop 'round the
corner.  I grabbed what they had, shoved it in a machine, wrote
the CD's I needed and ran off to do what I needed them for so
urgently.  All was good.

A little while and a few other crises later, I had a moment to look
at the thing a little more closely.  It's a "BENQ" 40x12x48 w/rw/r
ide that probes as follows:

cd1 at atapibus0 drive 1: <40X12, , 1.GE> cdrom removable
cd1: 32-bit data port
cd1: drive supports PIO mode 4, DMA mode 2
cd1(pciide0:1:1): using PIO mode 4, DMA mode 2 (using DMA data transfers)

Note no mention of UDMA support *at all*, which I find rather
surprising.  I think you'd have to try pretty hard these days to
not implement UDMA - and I rather doubt DMA-2 can sustain enough
bandwidth for a full 40x burn. It has their equivalent of "burn
proof", and makes readable cd's even if its not being fed at full

The other thing to note is that after the probe, the pc's drive
LED comes on and stays on - until the burner is used the first
time.  It rather looks like something is not completing properly
during the probe. I tried it as master alone on the bus too, no

I've never heard of the maker before, but the box promotes
flash-upgradable firmware, so I thought I'd look for some.  The
best link I could find for downloads led me to a 404-page in
taiwanese. :-)

Now, the thing works, and has already served its required purpose,
so I'm not overly fussed - but curious. Does anyone have any
experience with a unit like this, perhaps some quirk table entry
is needed.  What should I do to debug this?