Subject: Re: 3ware management utilities -- any cluse?
To: Masaru OKI <>
From: Brian Buhrow <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/16/2002 06:59:21
	Hello.  I've successfully back ported your patch to NetBSD-1.6
and tried the 3dmd utility.  The 3dmd utility doesn't work, but not because
of the twe(4) driver, I think.  A ktrace shows that it performs a number of
ioctls, (send_command), where upon it forks, executes a non-implemented
FreeBSD syscall (#248, I think, rfork?) and sleeps forever in nanosleep().
I should put some more debugging in the driver to confirm that the driver
is being called correctly, but I'm pretty sure all is well there.  I wonder
if the problem is that the 3dmd utility doesn't know about 12-port Escalade
	Do you have a working 3dmd utility under NetBSD from which
you could send me a ktrace from the time it starts until the time it forks
and begins monitoring?