Subject: Re: Separate /usr, etc...
To: Jarkko Teppo <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/15/2002 09:35:58
On Sat, 14 Dec 2002, Jarkko Teppo wrote:

# > I haven't had /usr and / on separate file systems on any box I've run
# > in years. I consider it (generally) a waste of space.

To each their own; when one discovers that the defaults really are not
adequate, and one has spent significant effort in tuning filesystems,
one gains the knack for about how much to use for each partitions.

I believe firmly in them, myself.

/dev/sd3a       63303    27449     32688    45%    /
/dev/sd3d      253999    94449    146850    39%    /var
/dev/sd1a      194863   122781     62338    66%    /usr
/dev/sd1h     4057439  3051666    802901    79%    /home
/dev/sd3h     1441175   699358    669758    51%    /export

/usr needs a redux; / is that big in case I decide I need to keep
alternate kernels around.  /var is that big for cores and mail.
I keep pkg_db symlinked out to /export/.pkg_db, since if I have to
reinstall, I don't want /usr/local (read: /usr/pkg) to have to be
remade and reinstalled because the package Registry (yes, that's
what it is) is toasted.

So, *for me*, it works, and I do have a partitioning doc that I recommend
if anyone is interested%.  If you like your big-partition disks (i.e.
root/usr/var/all-that-is-system on one giant partition), cool, go
with it.  I'm aware that it has its advantages, but I personally can't
stand it.

# I haven't had them either for years, but I decided to give it a ago
# when I did a junkbox-install on a Sparcstation 4. Now I remember why
# I stopped doing it:
# /dev/sd0a       32215    26554      4050    86%    /
# /dev/sd0g      707335   516254    155714    76%    /usr
# Now I get to play with different TMPDIR-settings, linkfarms and other
# fun stuff. These are the default settings (on 1GB disk) and with approx.
# 30 packages.

That's because defaults are for people who don't want to be bothered.
Our defaults are grossly misconfigured considering that if /var isn't
configured, guess where it goes?!?  Given the above default settings,
that's not well thought-out.

Does disktab need a redux, or is this thought of by the install program
(which would need a redux)?

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