Subject: Re: i386 MP panic: amap_pp_adjref: negative reference count
To: Sami Kantoluoto <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/15/2002 12:17:00
>> >>I'm getting that panic (amap_pp_adjref: negative reference count) when
>> >>building openoffice. It seems to be repeatable. I don't have ddb/trace
>> >>output yet (I'll post it when I get the panic next time [don't know how
>> >>long it actually takes]).. What other information could be useful to
>> >>catch the reason? Kernel is almost equal to GENERIC.MP (I'm going to compile
>> >>a new kernel with MPDEBUG option [DEBUG & DIAGNOSTIC are enabled already]).
>> >
>> >i noticed this three days ago in a completely different context.
>> >nevertheless, i have made a patch that addresses the problem.  it
>> >works for me.  if you care to try it, it's located at
>> argh!  sorry, people, i got that a tad wrong.  the new patch is that
>> the new url.
>Did not help, thanks anyway. I should be able to test other patches quickly
>(well, maybe not today) now.

hmm...that's no fun.

what does the traceback in ddb look like?  do you get a crash dump?
can you build a kernel with -g so that gdb can do full port-mortem

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