Subject: Re: groff/-current build problems
To: None <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/12/2002 15:09:20
On Thu, 12 Dec 2002, Rick Kelly wrote:

# Greywolf said:
# >In fact, you will not be able to build static C *or* C++ executables
# >due to the brokenness of this (I was not able to successfully run
# What was the date for this change?
# I'm running:
# NetBSD 1.6K NetBSD 1.6K (ROOTHOG) #63: Mon Dec  2 22:10:59 MST 2002 i386

NetBSD 1.6D NetBSD 1.6D (RIVENDELL) #16: Mon Jul 29 15:56:46 PDT 2002 i386

...but /usr/lib/libc.* and /usr/lib/crt0.o were somehow updated last week.

[I keep meaning to compile a new kernel...]

I'm rebuilding now with "NOMAN=true" and "MKMAN=no" [just because I
couldn't keep it straight which one I wanted....], and it's swimming along.

This all started, incidentally, when I went back to reimport and rebuild
the pkgtools because I wanted to make sure everything was good so that
I could rebuild mozilla (because the moz-install was segfaulting (twice)
for some reason unbeknownst to me).

I'm tempted to call it off and say it's just pilot error, but there's
this nagging feeling that it's more than that.

NetBSD: No Sh;t!