Subject: RE: Translated manual pages
To: Peter Seebach <>
From: Sporleder, Matthew \(CCI-Atlanta\) <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/29/2002 03:53:22
what if you had a documentation team to whom diffs were
distributed so that changes could be kept up-to-date?

The initial translations will be a -ton- of work, but then
changing a few paragraphs shouldn't be that difficult to
keep up with. =20

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From:	Peter Seebach []
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Subject:	Re: Translated manual pages=20
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>What _harm_ could localized manual pages possibly do?  Japanese users =
>developers have made tremendous contributions to NetBSD, to BSD, to =
>and, indeed, to computing.  If someone wants to start contributing =
>manual pages -- particularly Japanese manual pages -- I think it cannot
>possibly be but for the best.

What harm?  A massively increased chance for bitrot.  Imagine, if you
will, that someone who *doesn't* speak Japanese makes a change to =
which needs to be documented.  What's this person supposed to do about
the localized man page?  Let it be flat out wrong?  Learn a new language
to update it?  Does he have some way to force updates in the foreign =

Wrong documentation can be worse than no documentation.

I'm not actually making an argument for or against localized man pages
here - I'm just answering the quesiton "what harm...".