Subject: Re: crtend.o : how to find the Holy Graal ?
To: David Laight <>
From: Nick Hudson <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/26/2002 08:25:27
On Friday 25 October 2002 11:06 pm, David Laight wrote:
> I've just built sysutils/rox (ROX-Filer) on my system which is 1.6I
> (but a week or so old).  The needed list is almost the same as that
> above, except that I don't have libpangoxft, and I have
> in place of crtend.o - this is much more reasonable.
> Except that I don't think anything should be coming after libc???
> The final link command expands to:

> So isn't explicitly requested in for the link.
> There are NEEDED entries for it in libpangox and libgdk-x11 but these
> shouldn't cause the program to have such an entry (should they?).
> Looks to me like ld is adding on a extra NEEDED extry with a
> random string in it?

cc is likely a buildlink2 wrapper... I'd be interested in the output from a cc 
-v in both your case and from the guys who actually have the crtend.o problem